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With April Fools' around the corner we thought we'd provide you with some fun jokes/pranks to use in the lab this year!

These are so good you won't mind getting pranked by them😂


@johnabs Like my PI likes to say, just sleep less. No joking of course. One should never listen to my supervisor ;)

And yes we do accept guest blogs! You can read a bit more about it on our website:

Feel free to email us for more information!

The Journal of Struggling Scientists is a monthly newsletter with

✅Mental Health tips
✅Exclusive Memes

Join over 300 Struggling Scientists now so you don't miss it 😁!


🚨In case you missed it 

New episode is out!

In this ep, we go over our journey.

All the ups and down and what we'd recommend people who are starting with scicomm.

Happy International Women's day 🥳

Just wanted to take a moment to appreciate all the amazing women out there. 

You make the world a better place and for that thank you!

I know its a lot of work but you could also consider starting a youtube channel or social media channel about it to attract some sponsors.

Thats sort of what we are doing with our podcast at least for sponsorships.

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