While response to COVID19 pandemic is focused primarily on preventing person-to-person transmission, the Coronavirus might also spread in wastewater


The White House Coronavirus task force is going to stay for now and new members would be added to it relatively soon, Mr President Donald Trump said it on Wednseday.


@design_RG Thank You, The URl is exactly same as your but when visiting my URL it's adding a bunch of random string which causes 404 Error.

Israel’s secret lab isolates COVID19 antibody

“The Jewish vision and originality brought about this amazing accomplishment,” he further said in the statement.


France reports lowest daily toll in five weeks.

France has the fourth highest COVID19 death toll in Europe, with 24,594.


Coronavirus drug claims to have a 100% accuracy rate among infected COVID19 patients is being tested on the United States.


An Indian Professor has claimed to develop a major software which can detect COVID19 within 5 seconds using x-ray scan of the suspected person.


I was just looking at the website of @Thenewsspan, who recently followed me, and I found a funny article on "Funniest meme on Coronavirus Lockdown".
It really made me laugh. Do check it out for a dosage of laughter:

"I was questioning sarcastically to the journalists like you just to see what would happen , he told reporters at the white house ."


@arteteco it's spreading like a wildfire and the word essential medicine doesn't mean a single medicine for a single disease.

China has decided to donate $30 million to WHO for COVID19 pandemic

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