Oh well, the last semester is exponentially more difficult than all the others were. But I’m managing, more or less.

I have to clarify: it is not more difficult because of the information density (there was more material in some years), but because a) I have to write a thesis and b) teachers mostly have shitty time management and final tests for all subjects overlap on the last two weeks. I already had a day with two credits (one-on-one talk with a professor) and a test.

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Oof, that's gonna be a long answer...

So I'm majoring in materials science, and this is the final semester. There are philosophy, composite materials mechanics (lectures+lab), condensed phases physics and something (lectures+lectures_2+lab, mostly deals with semiconductor physics), radiochemistry, physical chemistry of materials (lectures that mostly deal with metallurgy and ceramics phase transitions). Oh and metal-organic complexes chemistry, but this one is finished.

Wow, it looks really interesting!
I did not study much about radiochemistry and metallurgy...
Metal-organic stuff is quite complex I reckon, specially if you're going into analyzing the NMR spectra of those compounds, but definitely a very interesting subject!

Definitely doesn't look like an easy semester!

@academicalnerd Hated those days as well. If a professor would put a test on a certain day, the whole class would protest because there already is another test on that day.

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