So there is a course with no textbook or any information on it other than lecture slides. Thankfully, they are quite extensive and have a text search within pdf files. I quickly dropped a “pdfunite *.pdf merged.pdf” in the terminal and saw that the output has exactly 1769 slides in it, weighing in at almost 2 Gb. Ctrl+f takes a few seconds to parse this, even with zathura. I hope this is the last time I face such monstrosity.

In reply to @FailForward ‘s Christmas post.

New Year mood: notes, essays due on a weekend, exams in two weeks and everyone’s ass is on fire these days. Happy New Year, wish everyone to survive ‘till the next one…

(okay, okay, it’s not that bad, I’ll survive, but no cookies for me this time around)

My new hobby – ab initio quantum computations. This one shows sodium alginate molecular orbitals.


Day 4 of summer project.

The main concept in CRUD-centered programming is information flow. You are a plumber, essentially, whose job is to carefully direct information from database to the end user. Then present it in desired form and prevent any leaks along the way. A fancy, well-paid, office-sitting plumber. Bedroom-sitting, in my case.

I managed to hook a script to local psql database with some dummy data today. Not too bad, considering that it’s the first JS code I’ve ever written. Even though these things are mostly based on tutorials and simple to do - the end goal is to combine a bunch of simple things to build something more complex.

Side note: using vim for this stuff it surprisingly convenient, I set up a test command in config file and simply call “:!npm test” when necessary.


Day 2 of summer project.

Life gets in the way. Sometimes it gives you lemons, sometimes - hits you in the face with a hemmer, or something in between. Anyhow, I managed to make an outline for the project and construct PSQL database. Nothing fancy, four tables within a single database with some “on delete cascade” and foreign keys. My sql skills are a bit rusty so it took some time to remember all the tricks, especially setting constraints.


The exam never happened. Professor decided to grade our work during the semester. Ones that disagree go to the exam, but I am fine with 5 (out of five). A can of dry Strongbow for celebration and tomorrow preparation for the next one starts. This time - solid state physics, interesting but complicated.

Pink flowers were glowing against the gloomy sky. I saw the sakura tree bloom for the first time in all it’s glory, with petals gliding to meet the lawn. There were no words left, only a faint smile and a silent stare. It’s been a long time since that smile has visited this face. Five years ago in Barcelona I was in Sagrada Familia, and even before that in Norway fjords, and a gothic cathedral comewhere in Europe.

There is now an image of pink petals engraved in my head, along with a single line that I hope to carry through my life, unchanged: be worthy to live in the world where sakura blossoms. And if your heart is in the right place and your mind is clear, you’ll see it and remember, and carry it’s light within you.

2021-03-10, 08:26, Wednesday

One article, mind you. This is an actual problem.

2021-02-15, 08:24, Monday

So yesterday I discovered that I like cidre. And that the st. Valentine’s day is not all that bad when you have someone to celebrate with.

There are a few more things I’d like to write about, but the classes will start soon. I’ll probably manage to noodle something together during English, though.

2021-02-07, 08:27, Sunday

Not a standart devblog because the project is almost done, now it's necessary to finish an article and submit it. And I don't really feel like telling about work , so here goes something.

So I visited a stand-up event yesterday. It happened in a small but cozy basement bar where comedians, apparently, test their jokes before telling them to a bigger crowd. Which I never thought existed, but makes a lot of sense. One could call it "a debugging of humor"; here the equivalent of console prompt is a small bar with five tables full and three empty and two barmens sitting on chairs at the counter, cracking at jokes.

Once I approached the bar counter, barmen (26 yo woman, as I found out later) stated:
- Now, tell me.
I resisted the urge to tell her a "long time ago in a galaxy far away", but that would be cliche even by my standards. I haven't tried beer before and in this place they serve exclusively beer and cider. I asked for "something bitter" and wasn't dissapointed. The label is below, the thing even feels "heavy" to drink and almost as smoothingly bitter as coffee. Turns out a nerd likes beer, who knew.

Oh well, I finally managed to finish my xmonad config. It is now fully usable. Turns out, it's possible to control sound from haskell without any additional tricks. Neat.
Tiling WMs are my sinful love < 3
I will, of course, spend some time ricing it properly, but this will work for most things. Also, yes, this is xmonad config on pop os instead of the usual arch. Because I'm too lazy to reinstall linux on laptop - there is a plethora of apps and packages and I don't want to deal with this now.

Good morning!

2021-01-16, 08:52, Friday. I moved to countryside for a night. It's chilly inside and I can't turn the heanting up because radiators won't survive the pressure. Physics is merciless, but at least I have some ground coffee and a small cezve here. No spices, I just need something warm. And of course my favorite mug < 3

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