2021-01-31, 09:00, Sunday
This month I am trying analog bullet journaling as opposed to last year's heavily digital planning. It works surprisingly well for me, I've been posting here consistently for a while, and other habits I am trying to build seem to work better, too. We'll see how it holds once the semester starts, of course.
The most important benefit has been the fact that I detach from my screens (PC, laptop, phone) more often, both to plan and/or journal and for other things too. Slowly breaking an addiction, one could say, although there is a long way to come.
Also, a screw has just fallen out of my chair. Gotta fix it before It breaks apart.

2021-01-30, 10:57, Saturday
I am now on the train, going home from countryhouse. It's snowing outside, the view is great for once. On the subject of views - it's amazing how ugly winter gets in the city, snow of the road turns into slit and snow off the road turns gray and black. Most of the time winter in the city leaves nothing but disgust and piles of trash after the snow is molten.
Looks ike tomorrow there will be more protests in the city centre. A few metro stations will be blocked officially, in advance, and god knows what will happen. This wont be peaceful, I'm afraid. Probably should stay away from the center.

Good morning.
It's 9:15 am, Friday. Tried coffee with sugar, turns out I don't like it. Brewed a moka pot instead of ruined cup.
I noticed an interesting tendency: I get way more creative ideas when I don't listen to music. While I can't work without some beats in the background, walking with my earphones in for some reason stops my brain from having new ideas. So to all genz-ers who plugs their ears 25/8: try not to for a while, see what happens. It wont hurt, I promise. At least not too much.

Good morning.
It's 8:45 am and I am writing again. For a long time I was unable to stick with my writing habit for some reason. Doing it was a chore, even though I tried all the usual techniques for habit building.
What worked for me is substituting "morning pages" with "coffee notes". I simply start with the same thing every day: what am I drinking at the moment. It is always coffee, but since I use diffirent beans and spices for cezve and sometimes other brew methods, there is a lot to write about. At least enough to get me started.

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