2021-02-16, 09:45, Tuesday

So I stopped drinking coffee for a few days, enough for withdrawal symptoms to kick in and subside. The results were marginal improvement in stability and performance and utter misery, because I love coffee. Not worth it, even though I have very bad caffeine metabolism.

And I cauhgt a cold. Unlucky me, this will take a lot of tea and some honey to fix.

Good morning.
2021-01-23, 08:45, Saturday. Coffee with cinnamon. Yum.
So I happen to live in Moscow. Today there will be some protests for an opposition politic, he is arrested for no reason other than being, well, in opposition. It seems to be his hobby. On a serious note though, there is one leader in this country and one opposing group. No political variety, you can choose whether your group wins or loses the fight waaay ahead. It's obvious who loses.

Also, I want to test qoto's inline latex.
Which I did and it breaks every time. Sad.

Good morning.

2021-01-22, 08:20, Friday. Plain black coffee with very high ratio, almost 10:1. I like it, though.

Yesterday I finished my fifth semester with science work report. Might as well write about my work here. So there are a lot of thermodynamic models of liquids. Modern ones are quite precise, but complicated and have a lot of maths involved. They are very useful to predict the reaction equilibrium or solution's properties, but because of their complexity you need to run them through computer. So people tend to create their own implementations of these models and use them, but diffirent implementations perform calculations slightly diffirently and this can affect results of the study.
The idea is to create a more or less versatile program with GUI, that would be easy to use by anyone and make results reproducible. I now managed to make a prototype with saving, loading and calculating quilibria. The core code of implementation is not mine, however, I use pre-coded model (my colleague made it) to create GUI and more or less intuitive logic around it. The entire thing is in C/C++ and runs quite smootly on binary systems.

Good morning!

2021-01-16, 08:52, Friday. I moved to countryside for a night. It's chilly inside and I can't turn the heanting up because radiators won't survive the pressure. Physics is merciless, but at least I have some ground coffee and a small cezve here. No spices, I just need something warm. And of course my favorite mug < 3

Good morning!

2021-01-06, 08:45, Saturday. So here is a basic cezve coffee recipe.
Finely grind some coffee, starting with 60g/liter and adjusting the ratio to your preference.
Put your coffee into a cezve, add spices. Today I went with some nutmeg and cloves; if you are new to this, cinnamon is generally a good starting point.
Fill the cezve with water and put in on the stove, use weak fire/low setting if you are an induction person. While the coffee is brewing, preheat your cup with hot water from kettle.
Once the water boils and foam starts to form - remove the cezve from fire and pour coffee into the cup. Wait for around two minutes while grounds settle and water adsorbs some more flavors and you are good to go.

Good morning.
It's 9:15 am, Friday. Tried coffee with sugar, turns out I don't like it. Brewed a moka pot instead of ruined cup.
I noticed an interesting tendency: I get way more creative ideas when I don't listen to music. While I can't work without some beats in the background, walking with my earphones in for some reason stops my brain from having new ideas. So to all genz-ers who plugs their ears 25/8: try not to for a while, see what happens. It wont hurt, I promise. At least not too much.

Good morning.
It's 8:45 am and I am writing again. For a long time I was unable to stick with my writing habit for some reason. Doing it was a chore, even though I tried all the usual techniques for habit building.
What worked for me is substituting "morning pages" with "coffee notes". I simply start with the same thing every day: what am I drinking at the moment. It is always coffee, but since I use diffirent beans and spices for cezve and sometimes other brew methods, there is a lot to write about. At least enough to get me started.

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