Is there a good hosted Mastodon provider that's <$10/mo and isn't full? I'm just trying to host my own account. Or maybe at most my immediate family.


Anybody help this person out? I don’t know if the instance is accepting new accounts but hosts servers for some on the Federation. If memory serves it was at a reasonable price point.

@marathon0 That’s not loading for me. If you meant, they’re not taking sign-ups currently.

@acjay Ah OK was going from memory - I’m not surprised, guess he’s overloaded with work maintaining what servers he does have. I had a few conversations with him a couple of years ago - seemed genuine and nice.


There's a whole list of hosters listed here:

Maybe one of them meets your needs and is available?

@trinsec Thanks!

Looks like all of them are either not taking new users or not in English, with the possible exception of Cloudplane, which might be more of a Digital Ocean type solution. I can't quite tell yet. I'm hoping for as managed as possible, ideally. Like a style solution.

I might go with the Digital Ocean fully baked image solution, even though that's not as managed as I was hoping for.

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