that at least some instances allow to join the live chat of a stream from a client.

When setting up , I didn't take into account that very restrictive networks could close the traffic between the peers and the server.

This is not a problem if the peers start the communication, but if you are expecting to reach a peer from the server or from a different peer, the stream might get closed.

PersistentKeepalive lets wireguard know that it has to ping the server from selected peers every given seconds. It is advised to be used only if neccessary, in order not to increase the protocol's bandwidth requirements.

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February #Prosody trunk developments:

Graceful shutdown, waiting for connections to close in a suitable order before exiting.

Mechanism declaring module conflicts and dependencies without loading code.

Compatibility with filesystem layouts of more ACME clients.

Additional extension points for message handling, including in archiving decisions.

Support for using the POSIX poll() API for network handling.

#xmpp #dev

, a tool for displaying system info. Specially suited for troubleshooting, as what GPU do you have, or what bluetooth device. It features a special mode for outputting to .

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The Fediverse has lots of blind and partially-sighted users who rely on audio screen reader software to tell them what is going on.

Here's how to make your posts more suitable for screen readers:

-Use CamelCase on hashtags, where each new word has a capital letter, for example #DogsOfMastodon instead of #dogsofmastodon. CamelCase makes it much easier for screen readers to see the different words and read them out properly.

-Don't use long groups of emoji all next to each other, these are really irritating to hear read out loud.

-Add text descriptions to images and videos before you post them. Do this by attaching the file and clicking "edit" before you post it, then add the description.

p.s. The Mastodon bug where CamelCase hashtags were being accidentally replaced has now been fixed (

#FediTips #MastoTips #Accessibility #A11y

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We are looking for developer who can work on our #Wayland compatibility issues especially in #KDE.

Even if you cannot commit to this project, helping us addressing one Wayland compatibility issue would be great. We appreciate any contribution in any shape or form 🤗

Please #boost and/or share with your friends to increase the outreach.

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I just had my first #xmpp audio call from my android Smartphone with #Conversations to a friends computer with #Dino.
All running across self-hosted infrastructure. 😃

TIL you can scan your own keys from other clients with and your peers will automatically know each one of them is trusted as well.

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Dino 0.3 is released and supports video calls and conferences! 🥳

You can call a friend or a group of people. Calls are e2e-encrypted, peer-to-peer and compatible with other XMPP applications.

Release blog post:

So you can use while still running a desktop.

Why using a tiling window manager? Because conventional multimonitor environments: are painful to use: windows show up in any display, you cannot change to them without pointing to them with the mouse (or worse, mouse+click) ...and I always like to use all my screen space, instead of seeing the background.

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Self-hosting Snikket on an ARM server, such as a Raspberry Pi? We've published an update and blog post for a couple of compatibility issues that may be encountered on these systems:

Special thanks to community member @aerion for reporting and helping to diagnose these issues!

Cutting network access for a process without writing specific configuration with :

firejail --net=none program [args]

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Hello all -- this message is sent from the Work-in-progress DeltaChat/Mastodon bridge written in python -- you can start playing a bit with bot instances here .

I just learned that can record each audio input source to a different track, so you can mix or modify them at will later, instead of having them "glued" together.

I didn't realize that modern email clients as obfuscated the subject of a message, just showing "..." instead of the real one. I knew did that since the beginning, maybe it's something related to

Anyway, that's great news since this is something that you won't have to remember again when writing encrypted messages.

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#Snikket server January 2022 release is live!

The main new feature introduced in this release is the ability for users to import and export their account data. This is the final achievement of our #NGI DAPSI funded project on improving account portability and migration in #XMPP.

Find more details, including install/upgrade instructions, via our blog post:


I left years ago because it was constantly crashing on me, and I used instead. Now that tusky muting and following features have been broken for some time, I got back to fedilab.

Things have improved a lot and I'm happy with it, it's my daily driver now.

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