@skyblond you are right, but you are still way before hitting hardware limits, so you can afford to perform precise computations. Only if you are hard pressed you could resort to approximations and tricks as precomputing those values you need into textures.

@skyblond I'm not sure if I'm correctly following you, but if I had to pass anything to the fragment shader, I would pass mainly variables that can be interpolated that way, like the x, y coordinates and then compute theta and cos(theta) in the fragment shader.

@omicron to solve that I'd probably use randomly generated (but valid) phone numbers instead.

@shockrah emacs has a package for controlling mpv from the editor.

It is used for music plugins or even subtitling.

@skyblond vars specified per vertex are linearly interpolated per fragment.

You should also check your normals and see if you are correctly transforming them.

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@cpsdqs "Documents were not supposed to be Turing-complete"

Oh yea? Then explain this ray-tracer written in PostScript:
(Posted from piggo space because of character limit...)

%!OPS-1.0 %%Creator: HAYAKAWA,Takashi<h-takasi@isea.is.titech.ac.jp>
Y}def/t/and/C/neg/T/dup/h/exp/Y/pop/d/mul/s/cvi/e/sqrt/R/rlineto{load def}H 300
T translate(V2L&1i2A00053r45hNvQXz&vUX&UOvQXzFJ!FJ!J!O&Y43d9rE3IaN96r63rvx2dcaN
{( )T 0 4 3 r put T(/)q{T(9)q{cvn}{s}J}{($)q{[}{]}J}J cvx}forall 270{def}H
K{K{L setgray moveto B fill}for Y}for showpage
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Can we please stop using Discord for Free software and open source projects, thanks!

@yarmo Even if you test the voltage levels, that does not rule out a faulty power supply. The easiest route is to replace it for checking. It is much more cheaper than RAM.

@sgryphon Indeed I had the time to try it, and it works very well, I can now access that ipv6 server from my ipv4 network. Thanks!

for patching windows files on linux using windows patches, use --binary.

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Today is #changeyourpasswordday, a gentle reminder that if you (have to) use this policy, it's trash. Users will tend to make serial passwords like password1, password2 etc. which is overall less secure than an actually strong password used over a (very) long time.

@hansw Thanks. Going unpowered on the rpi3 I'm using works initially, but from time to time the drive disconnects. That was the clue that made me suspect it was not drawing enough power.

@hansw what kind of adapter did you use for the ssd? I'm using a sata to USB one, but it came with no power cable, so I had to struggle a lot in order to find it. Finally I found a jack to USB one.

I have seen that usually those adapters come without any power supply even it is required for low powered devices like the RPi, so just curious for available models just in case mine breaks.

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@sgryphon Not arguing about IPv6, I fully agree with you in that regard.

My case is of a friend that wants to , and he has a IPv6 IP only. For example, he cannot access his computer from his mobile phone. He can from his workplace, since it's also IPv6. Neither I could access his homepage since my country is mostly IPv4.

I guess if you plan to travel might hit that problem as well, so you always end having to fall-back to a IPv4 NATting system.

I know and I also considered , although I don't know if it works for ports different than http{,s}.

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Our instant messaging client visualization is now available in English under :cc: license.

#Signal #Telegram #Whatsapp

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Better than WhatsApp: Try these Free Software Apps and Services — Free Software Foundation India


#WhatsApp #Telegram #Signal #matrix #xmpp #p2p #element #quicksy #FreeSoftware

Thanks to Riya for making the info graphics.

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