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Yes! I had some hope that during the pandemic, regional watch & presentation parties would form, and there would be ongoing support for hybrid conferences. That hasn't happened, sadly, and there are few regional meetings or workshops (I know of one computer vision one in the USA midwest).

I feel nothing but relief that I am not submitting to . The post explains why I opted out in 2021.

Ok, whose computer vision project is this?
[The CAPTCHA for LinkedIn, I had to do 5 of these things.]

At the moment I am working in my backyard ... the challenge there is to set everything up such that the light works and I'm not pointing a camera at a neighbor's backyard.

[I'm a wildlife photography newbie] and currently reading _Photography Birds: Field Techniques and the Art of the Image_ by Gerrit Vyn. I didn't realize the extent that bird photography depends on blinds. He uses a blind most of the time! which makes getting close much, much easier.

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Lately, I've been trying to find good local spots for #WildlifePhotography. I figure that once a have a set of places I like, I can visit them repeatedly to capture various species throughout the year. I've found a lot of small wildlife reserves near me, but many don't seem like great locations for capturing wildlife with pleasing compositions.

Do you have places near you that you return to repeatedly? How did you find them?

#photography #PhotographyDiscussion

In my instance, Settings->Preferences->Favourite Hashtags.
Then in the 'getting started' panel, 2nd screenshot, those hashtags are there and you can pull up a column based on that.

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Hello folks, I'm Hamel. I've been working on ML and Data Science infrastructure in open source for many years. I’m currently working on something new with @jh and Wasim Lorgat around commercial applications of #fastai

One project that I’ve spent a bunch of time contributing to recently is [nbdev](

I live with my two children and wife in Portland, OR. I’m looking forward to learning from everyone here!

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I’d like to introduce you to “Bead”. She is a first year cub to a bear IDed as 910 by the rangers at Katmai National Park/Brooks Falls Alaska. Her name is unofficial and given by the community of bear cam watchers. She won’t get an ID until she is emancipated from her mom in a couple of years.

This will be the cutest floof you will see all day!

#bear #bears #grizzlies #BrownBear #Katmai #alaska #photography #photo #wildlife #WildlifePhotography #nature #NaturePhotography

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Hello, here's my #introduction :)

I'm a bioinformatician at Minderoo/OceanOmics in Perth, Western Australia.

I am #altAc working on ocean health using eDNA, genomics, and interpretable machine learning. I'm interesting in a billion other things too: I'm a father of two, I love all kinds of books, finding cool bugs, plants, and animals... hello!

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Joining a hybrid conference session I'm presenting at @ 4am (I could not attend in person due to visa issues, and 4/6 people in the session joined virtually)
- No instructions or information given upon joining Zoom;
- No screen sharing or audio for in person presentations;
- No organizer answered the chat;
We didn't even know when the session started.
A bit disappointing to see conference unable to handle remote participation well, esp. when international scholars often struggle with visas.

Is this a new variety of academic spam? (podcasts where ... you don't speak).

A hibiscus flower in October ... these plants were hit by frost, but were still going in early November. [It has been a strange weather year here.]

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A bit overdue on my #introduction. I'm Heidy! Currently Engineering Director at Trail of Bits working on ML Assurance & Safety. I specialize in safety-critical systems specifically nuclear plants, UAVs, autonomous vehicles, and any complex safety systems really!

By training I'm a Software Safety Engineer with a Formal Verification PhD.

I'm a huge bouldering and outdoors enthusiast and climb within the V8/V9 range 🧗🏽‍♀️

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The ML team at Microsoft Research Montreal is hiring interns for summer 2023! Looking for candidates interested in robust, adaptive, modular ML / language for learning and interaction / Gaming and AI. Also possible to collaborate with the FATE team.

Apply at

Please spread this to your network, we really want to make sure we reach everyone, not just people we already know.

We also have internships in the FATE team: .

@BayesForDays I got basic one like the days of yore for about $10 on Amazon, this summer.

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At the moment we only have a few #birds around, all are on their way south. But we now see others from the north, such as this male Evening Grosbeak.
A small still shy flock visited our garden this morning.
#birdwatching #birdphotography

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@amytabb Do you know more researchers in computer vision (active on Mastodon)? I haven't found a lot.

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