@ISV_Damocles They are stuck in a flight regime that isn't kind to modern PCB assembly. It can be done, but it requires a good bit of testing and specialized ruggedization techniques. The company I work for has developed boards with surface mount components that will work at over 150c and more than 25g worth of vibration. On the other hand, my lab is full of examples where we didn't get it right. Our industry can accept a certain level of failure - it is expensive, but not deadly. Boeing can't accept a 2% failure rate.

Hey Canadian nerds! I have held the domain registration for regex.ca for a very long time. When I lived in Canada it was my primary domain, but I haven't used it for years. Does anyone on the fediverse have a good use for it?

I'm going to release it but if you've got a good pitch I'll pay for a 1 year renewal and then transfer it to your ownership.

Please boost for visibility kthx!

#canada #regex #perl

Apparently the best selling car has and expiration date because many of the hydrogen parts cannot be certified safe. And the repair costs are $100,000. But all we ever hear about are dead batteries in cars.


There’s just nothing more to talk about when it comes to Gaza.

Netanyahu knows we see what he is doing, and he doesn’t give a fuck. Biden keeps talking big, but he folds every time because he knows if they arrest Netanyahu, they are coming for him next.

The news is broadcasting horror every day and telling us if we don’t support it, we hate Jews.

What’s happening in Gaza is an apocalyptic event visited upon them by a lunatic enabled by the most evil nation on earth.

There is simply no other way to view the situation. This atrocity will be remembered for all time, not just because of its cruelty, but how many people tried to defend it.

The narrative that voting is the primary way we achieve liberation is bullshit because we cannot vote on the shit that really matters, i.e., a livable wage, housing, policing, infrastructure, etc.

I'm not saying don't vote, but this idea that we are going to vote ourselves out of oligarchy is nonsense because we've always been given limited choices.

People who vote should be working with people who don't to make sure all bases are covered instead of slap-boxing about who is the better citizen in a declining empire.

Everyone can contribute to progress whether they vote or not.

Stop listening to white liberals who are afraid to confront the hate coming from their communities trying to make voting the end all be all.

Because it's not.

@thelinuxEXP I really miss the 1990s open source ethos where everyone used a (often bitingly sarcastic) handle that had no connection with IRL identity and if the code was good it got used. I still prefer to use the internet without punting my IRL stuff out there. It's just a better experience.

@garyackerman Either at the beginning or end you run the test against a sample with a known result.

Anyone out there in the US got a Level 2 #EV home charger they have Strong Opinions on, ideally NEMA 14-50 plugin? Thinking about a Grizzl-E model.

#EVchargers #EVCharging

i had an app on my iphone which my phone's operating system randomly decided to delete off my phone. thankfully, they replaced the icon with a shortcut to re-download the app from the app store. when i tapped it, it said "sorry this app no longer exists on the app store so its' gone forever". so they deleted my app! not the developer's app, sure the developer made the app but the app was mine, it was on my phone! and they deleted it!

@alper For those of us that don't speak German, can you tell me how may microsievert above background a person living on this mountain will be exposed to? Often these thing are in the detectable, but not significant levels of exposure.

During apartheid, the South African government established “homelands” for Black South Africans that were ostensibly independent states—though no other country recognized them—so the regime could pretend Black South Africans were foreigners ineligible for rights in South Africa.

I used to think that this was purely for international consumption, a weak pretense to avoid sanctions and stay on the good side of allies.

But, having heard from Israelis who genuinely believe things like “there is no occupation” and “there is no apartheid” and “there is no ethnic cleansing” I now realize that white South Africans were the primary audience for the ruse and they probably ate that shit up.

How is game compatibility these days? I duel booted fro several years because I wanted to play the latest titles and Linux was not up to the job. It eventually just became easier to stay in Windows. I'd try again when Windows 10 is at end of life if there has been some progress on the gaming front.

President Joe Biden plans to send an additional $1 billion arms shipment to Israel, despite the U.S. being opposed to a full-scale invasion by the Israeli military on the southern Gaza city of Rafah.

BBC News has the latest: flip.it/KZ5Rwb

Do you think the U.S. should halt all weapons shipments to Israel until there's a ceasefire?

#Israel #Gaza #Biden #Palestine #Hamas #News

@DemDifference @GottaLaff

I've seen a number of different reports today that say today's inflation increase is highly concentrated in insurance, housing, utilities and medical care. PPI is back down to 2.2% and durable goods orders are softening. The bills that people must pay every month are still seeing 1984 levels of inflation while yachts and private jets are coming down in price.

My Ubuntu installation of Discord is borked.

snap refresh discord


snap "discord" has no updates available

but when I try to launch it, it gets caught in an update failed, retrying loop.

I tried uninstalling and reinstalling it.

Any ideas?

I'm being asked why I think #Google is pulling the standard "Undo" function out many Chrome text input right-click context menus, and replacing that menu selection (without any advance warning or explanation) with their AI-based "Help me write".

I don't know, but I can guess. I suspect it was something like this at a team meeting:

"Hey, word is that we really need to up the AI engagement metrics. What haven't we covered yet? [ laughter ]"

"Well, we could get rid of context menus Undo and replace it with an AI selection. Then when users right-click during text input, they'll get the "Help me write" prompt where they've pretty much always expected undo to be."

"I like that. It'll be right in their faces. Do you think there will be any blowback from people not finding Undo in those context menus anymore?"

"Naw, pretty much everyone knows the keyboard shortcut for undo is Control-Z. They can just use the shortcut. Only a fool wouldn't know that. And we don't care about fools!"

"Absolutely. OK, I'm in. Should there be any kind of warning or explanation for this?"

"No way -- let it be a surprise to the users! More impact!"

"Wow, I can feel those AI engagement metrics going up already!"

"Great work, team! All AI, all the time!"


  • That they believe that individual merit should be the measure of professional success and advancement rather than social or political identities.
  • That the oppose DEI initiatives and view them as a distraction for their job. That they may have been directly or indirectly targeted during by people representing DEI initiatives.
  • That their media and politics swing conservative as this is a phrase generated by thought leaders in those circles.

Whenever Americans talk about "fighting for freedoms" I remember that one time some dude who got thwarted by his own flopsweat tried to blow up his shoes and twenty years later anyone who goes through an American airport has to shuffle around in their socks hoping their pants don't fall down while they get millimeter-radared for a security pageant and the whole country just rolled over and decided that's totally reasonable.

Letter from the IRS today 

Asking if we would like to take their survey.

I've said in the past that I think we are offered too many surveys these days. I think they are used to fake responsiveness to the customer, rather than really offering it.

In this case the offer was good for an elevated heart rate before the envelope was opened and read.

Honestly.. One of the biggest crimes of the Bibi regime is the persistent conflation of themselves with Jews. This perhaps, is one of the most blatant cases of antisemitism of our time.

Countless Jewish people are not represented by this regime or their acts of terrorism.

#israel #palestine

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