Happy 80th birthday to the President of the United States. He looks pretty good for someone who predated the invention of the transistor.

US Politics 

Just a reminder that in site of the challenges for the was very accurate. The races that polled as very close were very close. The races that polled as sure things went the way the polls said they would. The issue was media outlets taking some races where polls said Republicans had a 50.1 to 55% chan e of winning and assuming that all of them would be Republican victories. Democrats over-performed the polls by only 2-3% nation wide and that was enough to sneak by some very close contests.

In summary the only way the polling for the was wrong is if you think polls make binary predictions not statistical odds.

As we come up to the in the US, I have a thought: We cannot stop the wave of political advertising, but could we tax it heavily? Maybe use the revenue to even out election funding, or have a nice pot of general fund money waiting for the winners.

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