Look who decided to drop by for a visit. Greetings to our friends across the pond in the who brought a few A400M Atlases to our local airfield today.

Good morning from . It is pretty, but I'm glad to be heading back to California where it is warm.

A quick walk around the lake this morning to remind myself that moving is worth the struggle.

Yesterday was not a great day for flying but the rainbow sure was pretty.

It is Thanksgiving here in the USA so here is my take on the traditional turkey

Some time many years past author John Scalzi ( @scalzi) encouraged his followers to adopt the "I will 'like' the all the cat pictures in my social media scroll." It is the only new years resolution I ever kept the entire year, and a habit I continue to this day. Happy everyone.

See that small white dot just left of center, you may think it is Venus shining in the evening sky, but it is Earth as viewed from Mars.

Every person alive is in that one pixel.

Hat tip: (At)ThePlanetaryGuy on the birdsite

Watching the temperature hold at exactly 100 C as all the water from last weeks rainstorm evaporates.

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Attempting one last for the year before it becomes too wet cold and dark.

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