I am happy to see how many veggies can grow underneath a small 6 sqm polytunnel.
Right now plants are not doing better than the outside ones, but it's a good insurance in case of bad weather.

Since I do not mulch anymore here (plants are very close), irrigation is automated and I don't have to worry about bad weather... is basically a 1 day job and don't think about it again until food is ready!

@Surasanji Brassicas, mostly (kale, broccoli, cauliflower), endive (2 varieties) and 3 rows of onions between each square. It's winter here, so you don't have the diversity you can afford in the summertime.

@Surasanji Oh, and some delicious arugula, the closest-up, one of the most bitter I've tried!

@arteteco Is there a benefit in growing it under the plastic vs outside the plastic?

@Surasanji I'm following this conversation. I need to somehow obtain a green thumb. Every time I go near plants, touch them, they die.

@Surasanji higher temperature, protection from wind which may dry out the soil and the leaves, from strong rain and hail, keeps more moist. It's a greenhouse basically.

On the down side, since there is a little airflow, fungal diseases can spread more easily, so can damaging insects... I keep the ends open unless there is a major bad weather in sight.

Here in the winter is not usually that rough, but you know, . I lost quite some harvest in a storm a month ago.

@arteteco @cambridgeport90 Neat! Are you using like drip irrigation or something like that for irrigation?

Is the end result better in terms of overall yield?

@Surasanji My dad would be a better answerer of that question. He's the one who knows what he's doing around here.

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