@arteteco I listen to This Week in Technology (TWIT), with Leo Laporte, regularly. Also This Week in Google (TWIG). From the same channel, sometimes, Triangulation, this week for sure because it interviews XKCD's Randall Munroe.

Another good suggestion is ABC's Nightlife. Topics vary quite a lot, include a fair bit of history and other sciences, varying lengths, from an Australian perspective.

@whirli thanks!
We have similar tastes it seems... you are not so smart is one of my favorites, the first podcast I fell in love for and it had quite an impact on my life!

No such thing as a fish and infinite monkey cage I also listen from time to time. Some episodes are good, some are meh. Good fillers. SGTTG is a classic as you say.

I do not know the other you mention, but I'll surely give them a try. Thanks a bunch!

When someone asks for podcast recommendations you have to include those. The fall of the civilizations is pretty interesting and well done if you like history.

@Absinthe Oh, I did. Hilarious, I'm still at the first episodes though.

Thanks for the suggestion!

Gracias, va a ser un placer escuchar algo que no es en ingles! Si tienes mas podcasts en espanol, por favor


@arteteco @PostApocalipsisNau Me fascina La linterna de Diógenes, y ¿Qué haría Barbarella?. Tengo por ahí un hilo de podcast que recomiendo que voy a buscarte

@imnotafeline I checked their website, seems interesting. I'll give it a try, thanks!

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