Dear people,
would you recommend me some ?
Any period, any style, any country, really classical, or experimental, whatever. Whole symphonies or just single movements.
Just give it to me!

@arteteco sorry for being a boring Finn but this is something that I listen to when, in the past, I got homesick.

@arteteco Finlandia is the short history of Finland put into short piece of music.

@whirli All but boring, Sibelius is nice, thanks. Can you understand the lyrics?

@arteteco sang by the english choir? Sort of. Pretty well done by them.

@whirli @arteteco No one mentioned or suggested Mozart? 😞

I love his music, and specially the wind instrument pieces. Here's one.

@arteteco The first thing that comes to mind is Danse Macabre played by the Venezuela Youth Orchestra:

This is the best rendition I've ever heard. Just close your eyes and turn on your imagination.

@SeventhMagpie I knew Danse Macabre but I never heard the Venezuela Youth Orchestra. Talented youngsters, this sounds good!

@arteteco Rachmaninoff's Second concerto by a tough Siberian man Denis Matsuev and Svetlanov's orchestra:

You can hardly get more Russian than that.

@arteteco Arthur Rubinstein playing Chopin's Nocturnes:

Also try to find waltzes from the same collection. Those are all recordings made when he was over 70, and I'd say he was at his pianistic prime than.

I don't know basically nothing about Chopin, but this music is so nice, thanks!

@SeventhMagpie The whole Ma Vlast is such a masterpiece... thanks for bringing it up, I was so happy to hear it again!

@arteteco Chopin's Premier concerto by Emil Gilels and Moscow State Orchestra:

Yes, the coughing man should've stayed at home. :/

You can also find the recording with Philadelphia orchestra under Eugene Normandy. Also great performance.

@arteteco And sorry for YouTube. I don't know where else to take these recordings from so I could share. Use Firefox with ublock origin plugin to remove adverts, because YT is totally insensitive with inserting it in random places. :(

@SeventhMagpie Thank you very much for your links, I really appreciate it. And youtube is the best for me!

@arteteco On the experimental end of the spectrum, I've been enjoying 19-EDO music (dividing the octave into nineteen pitches rather than the conventional twelve). Most microtonal schemes just sound really weird and discordant, but 19-EDO is more like "normal" music with new chords.

Blackwood, 1981: "Fanfare in 19-note Equal Tuning," Op. 28a

@arteteco @federicomena Not any particular piece of music, but I really like this clip from the movie Liberal Arts:

@federicomena @arteteco I can't guarantee that you will like the movie, but Roger Ebert and I liked it. ;-)

@arteteco I'm sure you've seen the Rite of Spring with orchestra. This solo piano version with Daniel Rivera completely blows my mind.

Hi, I'd like to recommend any piece of Frederic Chopin. I leave you a link of one of my favorite pieces

#chopin #music #classicalmusic #romanticism

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