Hello people, how are you doing? Everyone staying safe? Are you guys learning some new skills? I'm practicing playing my acoustic guitar. :)

Hello, people, how are you doing?

I was away for some time because I as moving from Brazil to New York City. Now I'm living in Manhattan. =)

BTW, cycling in NYC is great!

@shibaprasad @jahnke
Today I am grateful for language, which allows for amazing formatting of text, much simpler and faster to use than hml MarkUp.

While not strictly related, it can be used for any posting and publishing purpose.

@jahnke No research, but I do use complexAnalasis quite often. I wrote a book on using complex numbers for electrical circuits in the frequency domain (unfinished).

Today I am grateful for Regression analysis. I solved my Forecasting problem with it!

Assistindo vídeo no YouTube, surge a propaganda, e para surpresa é do duckduckgo falando de privacidade e descendo a lenha no Google e Facebook 😂

Today I am grateful for the Transform. I could use it to find a solution to a problem from my project. It's always good to have some progress. =)

Do you have something to be grateful for?

@jahnke I always go to work by bike (last winter I had to take the bus on some occasions because of enormous amounts of snow).

@jahnke LOL, long enough. Born and raised, left when I couldn't take it anymore, was there until my early 30s.

@jahnke Architecture and Urban Planning, with a nice shake of Industrial Design from my own enjoyment of building things, furniture, bicycles and such.

USP was wonderful. I have also attended another Uni here in Canada, for Technological Education certification.

Depressing how little response I get to posts at birdsite. No wonder I never enjoyed it much there.

Here [mastodon home instance] in an hour I have more interaction than there in a day, at least. And the quality, no comparison.

Keep cool, 💓

@jahnke One here. we are working lately on finite spaces.

@jahnke Yours seems really nice also! Though I must admit I am not really a partial differential equation guy...

I am a French PhD student located in the Paris area. That's my third year! (PhDs are shorter here than in some other places, so it might also be my last year...)

OMG, those little wheels will be deadly in any cracks in the pavement. Saw a lot of tourists renting them in Lisbon, and we had to keep an eye up and stay off their way on the sidewalks sometimes.

I almost wiped out on my fully loaded touring bike there, on a slick marble curb - right in front of the beautiful river Tejo.

Glad I didn't fall, it was heavy and the pavement was all granite.

@freemo @jahnke

@design_RG @freemo @jahnke I electric scoot... and for some reason especially attracted to holes and tall curbs, so had a few unpleasant falls... after my spinal surgery ._.

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