View of Capri from Montenuovo, near Naples

I'm so lucky to live near many beautiful places


you have the only pizza, everywhere else its just a pile of cheap cheese on bread :)


@arteteco I remember some pizza made in São Paulo, Brazil, at a place called Babbo Giovanni; and OMG, it was like the one in the picture.

Authentic. Flavourful.

Hand crushed tomatoes, we could see pizzaiolo making it while waiting for a table (popular spot, of course).

My favourite was always the Margherita. Simple, and a divine meal.

Hand stretched, wood fire oven cooked crust; like the one on the pic. Hand crushed tomatoes, coarsely chopped and spread on crust. Basilico and Mozzarella, a drizzling of olive oil and to the oven it goes.

Beautiful photos on their site :

We anticipated the arrival with gusto, Tinto glasses in hand.

@arteteco It's one of my favourite places. I've been lucky enough to visit Naples a few times, so I've been to Capri, and also Procida (which I believe the the island we also see in the photo). I really miss the pizzas in the open air by the seashore at Castell dell'Ovo

@Downes The island in the photo is Capri, you can see on the right Capo Miseno.

Glad to hear you enjoyed here, when I was younger I felt only a huge push to go away, and away I went for years, but now I'm starting to fall in love with home

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