Just a little update on what is going on at .

Our Administrator @freemo has been working hard for about a week to completely recode our server architecture and eventually move over existing services to the new format.

As some of you know we use enterprise level infrastructure. currently that means we use Docker containers in a cluster formation with redundant endpoints.

However, the current way this is done is as individually managed docker containers using some nifty container layer automation to automatically renew and obtain certificates as well as scale. However by doing it as individual containers makes administering the system more difficult and can lead to bugs in the infrastructure (though thankfully we haven't run into those). As such we are moving over to using docker-swarm to maintain the cluster which will automatically handle replication and restarting containers should they fail.

This will mean quicker turnaround when updating services, little to no down time due to redundancy, and faster response time due to multiple load balancers across different regions.

While there may be some short downtime once we finally move the services over long term this should be better for everyone. We will keep everyone updated as this progresses.

In the meantime @freemo will be open-sourcing the scripts he wrote to bring everything online and manage the system. If any developers are interested in getting a copy for their own purposes please feel free to reach out to him.

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