Just graduated yesterday. It was weird when the final exam ended, it was just me alone in front of a monitor with some cold past at hand reach. I was so excited that I even microwaved it before eating it

damn, I only now noticed I typed past instead of pasta. And it works either way!

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@arteteco Enjoy the thrill. After this you 'just join' the normality of graduates. And start again in the big race to succeed or be competent with satisfaction in what you do.
PS A grand pat on the back from a very old graduate from the last century. You live in much more difficult times, and I wish you good health, and contentment.
The later "contentment" being the hardest to achieve.

@eionmac Thanks man! I know it will wear down and I'll get back on track and have new goals, but I graduated kinda old, and I've done so many wrong things in my life that feels good to have achieve something at the moment. And I really appreciate your pat and kind words!

@arteteco It'd be interesting to know what microwaved past tasted like. ;)

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