I had some very good ideas on how to improve my , and make it livable and pretty and all... and my neighbours have done exactly those things a few days later, so now it would look like I'm copying them.

Damn! Will have to come out with a new design!

@arteteco Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. You're going to compliment them this way! :D

@trinsec ahaha, still, I was so proud of my design, he even got the lights from below that I thought of!

@arteteco Maybe he's secretly a mind-reader! Time for tinfoil hats when you're thinking of new designs!

@trinsec holy shit you are right! I'll have to test it: I'm going to write down how I'd finish the design and see if he gets the details. If he does man, that could be something!


Have you considered a radiation source. Radiation gardens are the best :)


@arteteco Why not just go with the good ideas? Who cares if people think you're copying?

@arteteco I'm going to echo some of the beautiful features in my neighbour's garden - I think it's nice and community minded to create a kind of continuity. Sort of a visual way of saying "the boundaries between us don't fully separate us"

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