Counting subgroups of the groups ${\Bbb Z}_{n_1} \times \cdots \times {\Bbb Z}_{n_k}$: a survey

A group-theoretic condition equivalent to a condition on principal blocks

Convexity and concavity of a class of functions related to the elliptic functions

On the Distributions of Product and Quotient of two Independent $\hat{I}$-function variates

Generalization Error Analysis of Deep Backward Dynamic Programming for Solving Nonlinear PDEs

The largest normalized Laplacian eigenvalue and incidence balancedness of simplicial complexes

Existence and Uniqueness of Permutation-Invariant Optimizers for Parisi Formula

Almost all elliptic curves with prescribed torsion have Szpiro ratio close to the expected value

Indecomposable continua for unbounded itineraries of exponential maps

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