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Scientific Machine Learning through Physics-Informed Neural Networks: Where we are and What's next. (arXiv:2201.05624v1 [cs.LG])

A new class of ideal Connes amenability. (arXiv:2201.05625v1 [math.FA])

The Sassenfeld criterion revisited. (arXiv:2201.05628v1 [math.NA])

Fine proprieties of Lemoine point and the inscribed conic. (arXiv:2201.05631v1 [math.MG])

Conjugacy classes of maximal cyclic subgroups. (arXiv:2201.05637v1 [math.GR])

Conjugacy classes of maximal cyclic subgroups and nilpotence class of $p$-groups. (arXiv:2201.05642v1 [math.GR])

Quivers from non-orientable surfaces. (arXiv:2201.05643v1 [math.CO])

Dynamics of small particle inertial migration in curved square ducts. (arXiv:2201.05645v1 [physics.flu-dyn])

Perturbing Subshifts of Finite Type. (arXiv:2201.05656v1 [math.DS])

On Non-contractible Periodic Orbits and Bounded Deviations. (arXiv:2201.05661v1 [math.DS])

Stationary States of the One-Dimensional Discrete-Time Facilitated Symmetric Exclusion Process. (arXiv:2201.05175v1 [math.PR])

A new proof of the Gan--Loh--Sudakov conjecture. (arXiv:2201.05181v1 [math.CO])

Mean Field Model for an Advertising Competition in a Duopoly. (arXiv:2201.05182v1 [math.OC])

The non-$\ell$-part of the number of spanning trees in abelian $\ell$-towers of multigraphs. (arXiv:2201.05186v1 [math.CO])

Roots of the identity operator and proximal mappings: (classical and phantom) cycles and gap vectors. (arXiv:2201.05189v1 [math.FA])

Persistent Extension and Analogous Bars: Data-Induced Relations Between Persistence Barcodes. (arXiv:2201.05190v1 [math.AT])

`Next Generation' Reservoir Computing: an Empirical Data-Driven Expression of Dynamical Equations in Time-Stepping Form. (arXiv:2201.05193v1 [cs.LG])

Evolution Inclusions of Second Order: Nonlinearly Damped Inertial Systems. (arXiv:2201.05196v1 [math.AP])

Anti-Holomorphic Modes in Vortex Lattices. (arXiv:2201.05200v1 [physics.flu-dyn])

A Tight Reverse Minkowski Inequality for the Epstein Zeta Function. (arXiv:2201.05201v1 [math.MG])

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