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Augmenting Basis Sets by Normalizing Flows. (arXiv:2212.01383v1 [math.NA])

Path Planning Problem under non-probabilistic Uncertainty. (arXiv:2212.01388v1 [math.OC])

A Lambert's Problem Solution via the Koopman Operator with Orthogonal Polynomials. (arXiv:2212.01390v1 [math.NA])

A Finite Element Method for Angular Discretization of the Radiation Transport Equation on Spherical Geodesic Grids. (arXiv:2212.01409v1 [math.NA])

The Multivariate Rate of Convergence for Selberg's Central Limit Theorem. (arXiv:2212.01411v1 [math.PR])

Expected Value of Matrix Quadratic Forms with Wishart distributed Random Matrices. (arXiv:2212.01412v1 [math.OC])

Operator inference with roll outs for learning reduced models from scarce and low-quality data. (arXiv:2212.01418v1 [cs.LG])

Associative Algebras with Small Derived Ideal. (arXiv:2212.01425v1 [math.RA])

Convergence map with action-angle variables based on square matrix for nonlinear lattice optimization. (arXiv:2212.01430v1 [physics.acc-ph])

On the optimal rank-1 approximation of matrices in the Chebyshev norm. (arXiv:2212.01438v1 [math.NA])

The upper-crossing/solution (US) algorithm for root-finding with strongly stable convergence. (arXiv:2212.00797v1 [math.NA])

Pre-training strategy for solving evolution equations based on physics-informed neural networks. (arXiv:2212.00798v1 [math.NA])

Efficient parallel optimization for approximating CAD curves featuring super-convergence. (arXiv:2212.00799v1 [math.NA])

Monolithic parallel overlapping Schwarz methods in fully-coupled nonlinear chemo-mechanics problems. (arXiv:2212.00801v1 [math.NA])

Exponentially Convergent Multiscale Finite Element Method. (arXiv:2212.00823v1 [math.NA])

On cyclicity in discontinuous piecewise linear near-Hamiltonian differential systems with three zones having a saddle in the central one. (arXiv:2212.00828v1 [math.DS])

Morse theory for discrete magnetic operators and nodal count distribution for graphs. (arXiv:2212.00830v1 [math-ph])

Quantum computing with anyons: an $F$-matrix and braid calculator. (arXiv:2212.00831v1 [math.QA])

Multipolar potentials and weighted Hardy inequalities. (arXiv:2212.00835v1 [math.AP])

Capitulation discriminants of genus one curves. (arXiv:2212.00838v1 [math.NT])

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