Substrate Scope Contrastive Learning: Repurposing Human Bias to Learn Atomic Representations

Ultrafast excitonic dynamics in DNA: Bridging correlated quantum dynamics and sequence dependence

Field-Aligned Current Structures during the Terrestrial Magnetosphere's Transformation into Alfven Wings and Recovery

JefiAtten: An Attention Based Neural Network Model for Solving Maxwell's Equations with Charge and Current Sources

TrustMol: Trustworthy Inverse Molecular Design via Alignment with Molecular Dynamics

Formulation, Colloidal Characterization, and In Vitro Biological Effect of BMP-2 Loaded PLGA Nanoparticles for Bone Regeneration

Influence of relaxation on filtering microflows under harmonic action on the layer

The Bass diffusion model: agent-based implementation on arbitrary networks

Investigation of the Alzofon weight reduction experiment using NMR spectroscopy

Gravity induced effective photon mass in the presence of gravity gradient

Combinatorial split-ring and spiral meta-resonator for efficient magnon-photon coupling

Toward the Stars: Technological, Ethical, and Sociopolitical Dimensions of Interstellar Exploration

Terahertz amplification and lasing in pump-probe experiments with hyperbolic polaritons in h-BN

Charge Amplification in Sub-atmospheric CF4:He Mixtures for Directional Dark Matter Searches

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