Degenerate perturbation theory in thermoacoustics: high-order sensitivities and exceptional points. (arXiv:2007.04365v1 [physics.flu-dyn])

Evolution of truncated and bent gravity wave solitons: the Mach expansion problem. (arXiv:2007.04368v1 [nlin.PS])

On the intermediate long wave propagation for internal waves in the presence of currents. (arXiv:2007.04375v1 [physics.flu-dyn])

Nonlinear viscoelastic isolation for seismic vibration mitigation. (arXiv:2007.04378v1 [])

Experimental optical trapping of microparticles with an Airy beams array using a Holographic Optical Tweezer. (arXiv:2007.04379v1 [physics.optics])

On the production of He$^+$ of solar origin in the solar wind. (arXiv:2007.04402v1 [astro-ph.SR])

The impact of realistic axonal shape on axon diameter estimation using diffusion MRI. (arXiv:2007.04403v1 [])

Sensitivity of topological edge states in a non-Hermitian dimer chain. (arXiv:2007.04409v1 [])

Video Killed the Writing Assignment. (arXiv:2007.04415v1 [physics.ed-ph])

Line Positions and Intensities of the {
u}$_4$ Band of Methyl Iodide Using Mid-Infrared Optical Frequency Comb Fourier Transform Spectroscopy. (arXiv:2007.03718v1 [physics.chem-ph])

Reproducible gray-box neural network for predicting the fragility index and the temperature-dependency of viscosity. (arXiv:2007.03719v1 [physics.comp-ph])

Collisional loss of one-dimensional fermions near a $p$-wave Feshbach resonance. (arXiv:2007.03723v1 [physics.atom-ph])

A layered single-side readout DOI TOF-PET detector. (arXiv:2007.03756v1 [physics.ins-det])

Compressive dual-comb spectroscopy. (arXiv:2007.03761v1 [eess.SP])

Superradiance in dispersive black hole analogues. (arXiv:2007.03769v1 [gr-qc])

Transition Frequencies and Hyperfine Structure in $^{113,115}$In$^+$: Application of a Liquid-Metal Ion Source for Collinear Laser Spectroscopy. (arXiv:2007.03773v1 [physics.atom-ph])

Quantifying Three-Party Optical Coherence: Definition, Constraints, and Experimental Confirmation. (arXiv:2007.03786v1 [quant-ph])

A continuum model for the growth of dendritic actin networks. (arXiv:2007.03791v1 [])

Confirmation of the PPLB derivative discontinuity: Exact chemical potential at finite temperatures of a model system. (arXiv:2007.03840v1 [physics.chem-ph])

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