Monitoring Machine Learning Models: Online Detection of Relevant Deviations. (arXiv:2309.15187v1 [cs.LG])

Double machine learning and design in batch adaptive experiments. (arXiv:2309.15297v1 [stat.ME])

Wasserstein convergence in Bayesian and frequentist deconvolution models. (arXiv:2309.15300v1 [math.ST])

Leveraging Neural Networks to Profile Health Care Providers with Application to Medicare Claims. (arXiv:2309.15316v1 [stat.ME])

Structural identifiability analysis of linear reaction-advection-diffusion processes in mathematical biology. (arXiv:2309.15326v1 [q-bio.QM])

Three steps towards dose optimization for oncology dose finding. (arXiv:2309.15333v1 [stat.ME])

Thresholded Lasso for high dimensional variable selection. (arXiv:2309.15355v1 [math.ST])

A Risk-Ratio-Based Marginal Sensitivity Model for Causal Effects in Observational Studies. (arXiv:2309.15391v1 [stat.ME])

Frequency and cardinality recovery from sketched data: a novel approach bridging Bayesian and frequentist views. (arXiv:2309.15408v1 [stat.ME])

Uncertainty Quantification via Neural Posterior Principal Components. (arXiv:2309.15533v1 [cs.CV])

Apparent ice accumulation rate in East Antarctica: Relation with temperature and thinning pattern. (arXiv:2309.14373v1 [])

On the expressivity of embedding quantum kernels. (arXiv:2309.14419v1 [quant-ph])

Forecasting drug overdose mortality by age in the United States at the national and county levels. (arXiv:2309.14452v1 [stat.AP])

Designing Effective Music Excerpts. (arXiv:2309.14475v1 [econ.GN])

Principal stratification with continuous treatments and continuous post-treatment variables. (arXiv:2309.14486v1 [stat.ME])

Byzantine-Resilient Federated PCA and Low Rank Matrix Recovery. (arXiv:2309.14512v1 [cs.IT])

Asymptotically optimal sequential anomaly identification with ordering sampling rules. (arXiv:2309.14528v1 [math.ST])

Risk of AI in Healthcare: A Comprehensive Literature Review and Study Framework. (arXiv:2309.14530v1 [cs.CY])

Cluster-based Method for Eavesdropping Identification and Localization in Optical Links. (arXiv:2309.14541v1 [stat.ML])

Towards a statistical theory of data selection under weak supervision. (arXiv:2309.14563v1 [stat.ML])

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