Statistical inference for association studies in the presence of binary outcome misclassification. (arXiv:2303.10215v1 [stat.ME])

A statistical framework for GWAS of high dimensional phenotypes using summary statistics, with application to metabolite GWAS. (arXiv:2303.10221v1 [stat.ME])

Non-Steepness and Maximum Likelihood Estimation Properties of the Truncated Multivariate Normal Distributions. (arXiv:2303.10287v1 [math.ST])

Complete Asymptotic Expansions and the High-Dimensional Bingham Distributions. (arXiv:2303.10290v1 [math.ST])

Point process simulation of generalised hyperbolic L\'evy processes. (arXiv:2303.10292v1 [stat.ME])

Inverse Cubature and Quadrature Kalman filters. (arXiv:2303.10322v1 [math.OC])

Neural Frailty Machine: Beyond proportional hazard assumption in neural survival regressions. (arXiv:2303.10358v1 [cs.LG])

A novel statistical framework for the analysis of the degree of technology adoption. (arXiv:2303.10387v1 [stat.AP])

ggpicrust2: an R package for PICRUSt2 predicted functional profile analysis and visualization. (arXiv:2303.10388v1 [stat.AP])

Practical and Matching Gradient Variance Bounds for Black-Box Variational Bayesian Inference. (arXiv:2303.10472v1 [cs.LG])

Sample size determination via learning-type curves. (arXiv:2303.09575v1 [stat.ME])

Variational Bayes Inference of Survival Data using Log-logistic Accelerated Failure Time Model. (arXiv:2303.09598v1 [stat.ME])

Cross-validatory Z-Residual for Diagnosing Shared Frailty Models. (arXiv:2303.09616v1 [stat.ME])

Universality and Control of Fat Tails. (arXiv:2303.09635v1 [eess.SY])

Testing the goodness of fit of a hilbertian autoregressive model. (arXiv:2303.09644v1 [math.ST])

Delayed and Indirect Impacts of Link Recommendations. (arXiv:2303.09700v1 [cs.SI])

Batch Updating of a Posterior Tree Distribution over a Meta-Tree. (arXiv:2303.09705v1 [cs.LG])

Jackknife empirical likelihood with complex surveys. (arXiv:2303.09737v1 [stat.ME])

A New Covariate Selection Strategy for High Dimensional Data in Causal Effect Estimation with Multivariate Treatments. (arXiv:2303.09766v1 [stat.ME])

Hospital Length of Stay Prediction Based on Multi-modal Data towards Trustworthy Human-AI Collaboration in Radiomics. (arXiv:2303.09817v1 [cs.CV])

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