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Da gusto empezar el día así.
It feels good starting the day like this.

Hoy he:
- hecho roscón de reyes,
- instalado LineageOS en un Fairphone 3+,
- terminado de soldar el soporte pare el torno,
- acabado molido y quebrantado.

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A single :pixelfed: server hosts 56% of all pixelfed accounts.

Yeah, it is my instance, and I'm the Pixelfed developer, but this isn't healthy or sustainable. This is why isn't accepting new registrations.

✨ You can find an open server to join on

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This is the convergence of two of my most favorite things. #cycling and #making. If you are tinkerer you should check this open source bike computer. I'm gonna have to try it out.

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L'augmentation des prix des #TER de 8% pour commencer 2023 ne fait pas du tout plaisir.

C'est fou que le train coûte plus cher que la voiture ou l'avion /o\

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I'm am alpha male. After more development I will become a beta male, and then finally a stable male. #twitter #birdsite #journalists #elonmusk

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the sad reality of open source software development

In short: folks love the amazing decentralised encrypted comms utopia of Matrix. But organisations also love that they can use it without having to pay anyone to develop or maintain it. This is completely unsustainable, and Element is now literally unable to fund the entirety of the Matrix Foundation on behalf of everyone else - and has had to lay off some of the folks working on the core team as a result.

This is the way RENFE (Spanish railway public company) treats cyclists. Just two bikes per train, but this time 50% of the anchors are broken...


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Esta cosa, por llamarla de alguna forma, (estación de Atocha Cercanías oficialmente) está proyectada por el maravillosísimo arquitecto Rafael Moneo, premio de arquitectura entre otros. Llueve dentro porque así es más espiritual.

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With all of the horrible things happening in the world, it’s nice to find the wins. Especially in the area of our environment. A group called Coral Guardian is restoring coral reefs, and it’s quite magnificent. More wins like this, please.

#Climate #Environment #CoralReef #Restoration

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@damiansixx_ #BridgesOfMastodon
The Iron Bridge, premier grand pont métallique construit dans le monde. Il franchit le fleuve Severn dans le Shropshire, en Angleterre. Il a été ouvert à la circulation le 1er janvier 1781, après 4 ans de travaux.
(photos prises en 2002)

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