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@48kRAM what an old timer. This one remembers when computers had fans. lol.

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i'm really proud of this compass project i just published:

it's coded in #circuitpython and i put a lot of work into it to make sure it was functioning accurately while also looking nice with this round display. this required a lot of math and displayio graphics tricks that will hopefully be a helpful example for folks

Hey @48kRAM, Did you get your ZX Spectrum Next tracking number too?

Here are some lessons I learned when trying to turn on a recent RP2040-based tool I designed.

@mmu_man Years ago when they started charging for downloads, I stopped using and recommending it.

Do people still use it?!

Thur 1/11 Stream: Let's Finish Re-Drawing the Apple IIe Switch-Mode Power Supply Schematic in KiCad

I have a friend who would like to transfer some memories off of MiniDV tapes. Does anyone have a deck/camcorder I could borrow or be willing to transfer the tapes?

@retrorewind Me too! That one replaced a 4-bay that had a failed slot.

Doing end-of-year photo album clean-up. I came across this picture in a forgotten 2015 folder.

At one point, this was my entire retro-computing collection.

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The package is unusual: the die is mounted on a flat ceramic substrate with a ceramic cap glued on. We heated the package to soften the glue. poked the cap with an X-Acto knife, but instead of sliding off, the cap violently flew off with a loud "pow"! 4/9

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@polpo I think that Netscape icon is my favorite.

Thur 12/14: Is this live stream when we finally finish the Apple II+ schematic in KiCad? There's only ONE way to find out...

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After last month's release of #PicoGUS 2.0, I've backported a lot of the improvements to the more DIY friendly original 1.x hardware line, and I've just released those as PicoGUS hardware v1.2. Major changes:
- Better reset stability
- Option for integrated DAC (instead of the sometimes flaky purple DAC module)
- Better fit in ISA slots
- Jumper to apply power to USB port so you can use joysticks (you still need an OTG adapter)

@mw1cgg I hate adding connectivity to everything. But it would be pretty cool to have an app that turns the rack to the proper spice.

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@burgerbecky Because no computer is as super cool anymore... *sad face*

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