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No KiCad 7 yet, but an important RP2040 SDK Update dropped!

There's a little bit about something relating to Bluetooth support in there.

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Colors for nets in KiCad 7 makes some of this mess much clearer!

Hey vintage and retro electronics fans, I think I finally understand all of the DexoIT variations!

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My book about keyboards, Shift Happens, is now on Kickstarter!

There is all sorts of new information about it, and a video, and what I think are very cool tiers and rewards on top of a very cool book.

Please back and spread the word!

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1Bit Fever Dreams is hosting a classic #Macintosh #gaming contest over at Tinker Different, and you’ve got until February 21st to get your scores in!

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Hopefully I'm going to put the finishing touches on the BBC Master 128 tonite. Got the rotary encoder for the embedded gotek now. Let's get this baby running and watch some demos!

7PM US/Eastern


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Firmware v0.4.0 for #PicoGUS is out:

The theme behind this release is moar better DMA – many many games that would fall over on it now run pretty great. And the demo Inside by CNCD *finally* runs with DMA sample upload. That one has been my white whale for months now...

.... and done.

No ERC reports mean the schematic is 100% perfect right?

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oh... the error count changes depending on which sheet I run ERC on... hm.

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Oh good. After annotating 8 of the 9 parts missing annotation, the error count went UP by 43. (I can't find the 9th one.)

I'm going to need much more tea.

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Save this screenshot for the next time you think: "wow, this project is really out of control..."

I offer you this piece. I call it: "At least this isn't the state of *your* ERC."

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A milestone - KiCanvas's schematic viewer now supports selecting symbols and viewing their information. 🎉

It's kind of funny, since I'd already had this working in the proof of concept (& the version on my blog), but this is a completely re-built viewer. It's much faster, much smoother, and much more robust.

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Do you love SCSI and vintage Macs? Well good news!

The NEW and improved BlueSCSI 2.0 has arrived!

Offers faster speeds, delicious new Pico-powered PCBs, and less battery bombs!*

🌐 🎉

*Not actually proven, always remove old batteries!


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A good Python library and a set of tools for creating, reading, writing, inspecting, and manipulating Intel HEX files. It's handy also for processing the output of CP/M assemblers and compilers.

#assembly #python

ICMYI, Carl Bugeja created a PCB that reflow solders itself and then self-propagates, RepRap Style!

This clever PCB business card uses FR4 "fingers" to create a battery holder for the coin cell!

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