Hi everyone, happy to announce I am now an endorsed featured artist from Lumatone keyboard, who has just an artist feature of me. I share my my musical journey, microtonal ideas, the “blue note keys” on the Lumatone, how to use the 11th harmonic in Hey Jude, and more. Will be the first of many. Hope you enjoy! youtube.com/watch?v=wMI6xkljDh

Hi everyone, got some music for you all! This is my version of "Scarborough Fair" on the Lumatone Keyboard in 31-TET. It's the first of three performances we'll be releasing in the next few weeks as part of the Lumatone Artist Series. Hope you enjoy: youtube.com/watch?v=HJKB1_gvhL

Man, did Twitter really ban links to Mastodon?

I can't see people from types.pl on here. Have they blocked qoto? Or has qoto just not added them to the set of instances it federates with? @freemo

Still pretty new to Mastodon - I have accounts on a few different instances. Is there some way to link these all together?

I've been reading the past few days about the history of Mastodon - the Gab invasion and backstory regarding which instances defederated them and etc, and where qoto stands on this.

For all of this drama it doesn't look like people on qoto can see much on Gab anyway. For instance, if you look up Andrew Torba (Gab CEO) his account does appear in search from here, but only toots from him prior to like 2020 appear. The rest seem to be censored from somewhere. The same is true for other Gab accounts; it looks like most of them either show nothing or only old toots.

I am super not interested in participating in Gab but am kind of curious about the tech here. Has qoto blocked newer toots from Gab users? Or has Gab blocked the rest of the fediverse? Or what? @freemo

Some of these Mastodon instances are pretty neat - do there exist any instances for audio or digital signal processing stuff? Maybe @Sevish would be tuned in

Are there any other famous music/math folks on here besides Vi Hart?

Sheesh, looks like this "QOTO" server I joined is blocked/defederated from a bunch of other instances so people can't see me. I just picked this one randomly because of the 65535 char max and LaTeX support. Is there a better Instance I should join?

While we're talking about mathematical music theory it is very nice to see @vihart on here of whom I have been a huge fan for many years...

Any interest in microtonality? Was just talking to @keenanpepper about how the Riemann zeta function can be thought of as measuring the harmonicity of an equal temperament. Maybe of interest to you? en.xen.wiki/w/The_Riemann_zeta

@freemo just trying the same LaTeX here: \[ G = \left\langle a,b,c \mid a^2, b^2, c^2 \right\rangle \]

And some other LaTeX

\[ x+y+\frac{z}{w} \]

\(\log x^2\)

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@freemo Hi, new to QOTO but enjoying it so far! I noticed a bug with LaTeX rendering on Android as it relates to federating w/ Mathstodon... Things that render there don't seem to render here sometimes. For instance, look at this tweet on Mathstodon from earlier today:


For whatever reason the LaTeX rendering is partly broken. Loading it three times gave three different weird results: either a "Math Processing Error," not parsing it at all or a very strange rendering with huge angle brackets. The fourth pic (in a different font) is Mathstodon's rendering which seems correct. This is on Android using both Chrome and Tusky.

Anyway though, great server, not sure where to post bug reports but hopefully this gets seen! Cheers

Hi everyone, new on here. My focus is on digital signal processing, some ML/CS stuff, and microtonal music. I'm looking for what instance to join and who to follow. Is QOTO good for this kind of thing?

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