Hakenbeck, S., & BΓΌntgen, U. (2022). The role of drought during the Hunnic incursions into central-east Europe in the 4th and 5th c. CE. Journal of Roman Archaeology, 35(2), 876-896. doi: doi.org/10.1017/S1047759422000

We often think of the Greco-Roman world as all-white. But it was not.

β€œTake Lucian, a high-ranking Roman official in the second century. Born in Syria, he later chose to be a naturalized Roman. As a non-native speaker of Greek and Latin who, by his own admission, looked different from many people in Greece and Rome, he dealt with issues of ethnicity, language use and social acceptance (from a (via @ufresearch classicist)

#Multiculturalism #Diversity

Michelle Pfeffer, Astrology, , and prognostication in early modern : A forgotten chapter in the history of public , Past & Present, 2023;, gtac044, doi.org/10.1093/pastj/gtac044

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Just so you know, the k in kilo- (as in kW, km or kB) MUST always be lowercase. Also, B should be uppercase when it stands for byte, but lowercase when it stands for bit.

Additionally, units derived from someone’s name (i.e., ohm, watt, newton, hertz) use an uppercase abbreviation (i.e., Ξ©, W, N, Hz), while the rest use lowercase letters (i.e., l, m, g).

No, I’m not autistic, but picky with certain things.

Some brief thoughts on how I, as a historian of science, became a book historian & a review of Dennis Duncan's Index, A History of the
#historyofscience #bookhistory #bookreview

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