Hello! Here is my again...
I'm a software developer and have been in the biopharmaceutical research spectrum for a while...
I am welcoming new carreer ideas, but I'm thinking that I should veer into helping refugees and climate crisis prevention ...

Hashtags for love and glory:

@bigkafka Sorry I think i missed your introduction and didnt share. Welcome and its great to have you. Awesome to hear you work with refugees. I look forward to having you be part of the community here.

@bigkafka Hi,

Mmhm, I wouldn't know how would it be possible to use your (admirable) skills in climate crisis mitigation/adaptation... maybe making tons of money and financiating 'the good guys'? (buying food from farms, helping useful project to help us all...)

If you thought about it long enough, I'd love to hear what ideas did you have to channel your work into helping with climate change problems, really.

@arteteco well one thing is maybe stop working 60hrs a week to make my boss look good ... Stick to 40hrs and use 20hrs for side projects that help with the climate issues...

@arteteco but I'm nite very optimistic that the climate will get better. We can probably slow down the crisis, and hope future technologies will help for survival.
The urgent thing is the refugee crisis that will follow the effects of climate severe events.

@bigkafka depends on the POV... the loss of biodiversity, freshwater and topsoil is IMO of a bigger pressure.

@arteteco you mean is a higher pressure than climate change, or higher pressure than the climate change driven refugee crisis?

To be honest, I have no idea how my skills help in any of this. Just a regular consumer making choices is probably my default position...

I meant to say that those problems are of a higher priority than the refugee crises, in my eyes.
We'll keep having refugees as the ecosystems degrade more and more. I'm not saying not to help them, we should by all means, but keeping in mind that is like taking a cough syrup when you got a bronchites.

Just supporting "good" practices with your purchases is a powerful tool. Is like transforming all you buy into a donation at the same time.. you set an example, and move others.

This, all, is IMHO.

Thanks =)

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