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I’d tell you a Fibonacci joke, but it’s probably as bad as the last two you’ve heard combined.

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Really cool chart I just found that shows the location of various organs and their referred pain. Basically the location on the body where pain inflicted on the specific organ would be, which is not where the organ itself is located.

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seems like the experiment of growing oyster mushrooms on simple recycled cardboard is going good, they are pinning easily... not sure how nutritious they'll come up to be though. Any idea on how the boost it?

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Hi everyone, I just tried Mastodon out since yesterday (I heard about it for a while tho).
I'm finishing my master degree in CS next year in France. I'm a FOSS enthousiast and a great fan of formal methods (in CS at least).

Short term: I'm learning Rust (for those into CS stuff you should definitly take a look at it if you haven't already) and doing a chess AI (a modest one compared to what we do today).

Medium term: Work and live for a while in China to learn about those guys, I think we still don't understand each other well enough.

Long term: try to improve the way we as humans interact with Big Data, AI and computers in general because I think that our usage is not sane yet (and especially for Big Data).

I didn't plan to introduce myself but I guess that's a kind of tradition. I'm looking forward to read and write interesting stuff with you guys 😀

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Pope Saint John Paul II meets with Mehmet Agca, the man who attempted to assassinate him, 1983.

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What a social network is for:
- See interesting stuff from friends and people that interest you
- Cute animal photo of the day
- Feel a positive human connection

What it ain’t for:
- Witch hunts
- Make up bullshit about strangers you never met
- Brand engagement

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my apartment's power has been out for hours, but i have stuff to do. so now i must shower by sensual candlelight.

scientifically speaking, there are only a few types one music one can listen to when showering by sensual candlelight. so please help choose what i will blast with my phone's last 4% battery life.

boost for Sade, fave for Luther Vandross, comment for other.

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Spent today hanging with relatives, and ended up going to a German beer festival with my 93yo grandfather. I honestly find it hard to deal with the idea of how old he is: he's healthy (if a very slow walker), pretty sharp mentally, and full of stories like going to French Algeria before shit got wild or wandering around a stable, unified Yugoslavia. I really enjoy talking to him, but there's such a gulf between our life experiences that it can feel like hard work to find common ground

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Seems like my is working... spinach, cabbages, lettuce and 2 tomatoes (just to experiment). The fertility is replenish by kitchen scraps from an increasing amount of neighbors, which I plan to repay in food.

That's just a test, if it works properly I expect my yard walls to be covered by fall =D

Why do I need to parse SQL? I want to interpret the SQL statements to integrate them automatically with a data abstraction layer...

News of the day: I extended a node package (nquery / github) to enable it to parse more of the SQL that is actually used in my apps. Nquery is great but a little to narrower minded.
75% of my queries now parse ok.
I think after I add the syntax for case/when/else I'll be closer to 90%...

Hello! Here is my again...
I'm a software developer and have been in the biopharmaceutical research spectrum for a while...
I am welcoming new carreer ideas, but I'm thinking that I should veer into helping refugees and climate crisis prevention ...

Hashtags for love and glory:

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I'm a software developer and have been in the biopharmaceutical research spectrum for a while...
I am welcoming new carreer ideas, but I'm thinking that I should veer into helping refugees and climate crisis prevention ...

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