I've never liked a desktop as much as the one I have now 🐎. There is no turning back. :popos:

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@binsrc Nice, looks slick... im on a qtile rice right now but also have a i3 rice going. I <3 tiling window managers

@freemo lol ( i had no idea. Well, I'm doing a server some time this week. Maybe I should try one of these tiling window managers and see how hard I crash and burn. πŸ˜†

@binsrc They are amazing in terms of productivity IMO.. once i moved to one I cant stand regular WM anymore.

@freemo which one out of qtile and i3 makes you feel happy to be alive, (i'll try that one)? I'm guessing qtile.

@binsrc well... qtile if you spend a ton of time configuring it. its python based and more extensible than i3... i3 is a bit nicer out of the box though and easier to get working quickly.

I went with qtile as my primary simply because i had very specific behaviors i wanted to define that would have been hard to do in i3

i3 is **far** more popular than qtile so im more likely to recommend that for someone.

Both choices are going to be minimalistic advanced WM. Coming from GNOME you may find it to lack the user-friendly nature of GNOME. The expiernce will be closer to other minimalistic WM where you have to invest some time to get all the bits and bobs doing what you want.

@binsrc Also if you decide to go with i3 but want to use Wayland instead of Xorg (a more modern replacement) consider using sway. It is basically a port of i3 to wayland. Its pretty nice too.

@freemo cool, thanks for the advice. I don't think I'll break my gnome habit any time soon but I am definitely curious.

@binsrc Worth a peek. I find its nice to disconnect from the mouse and rely on more desktops to sort windows than clicking on a menubar.

@freemo lol, I’ve thought about TWMs and that’s as far as I got. I think I’m probably not capable enough for the TWM power achievement. I better stick to my old friend gnome. I love you gnome, you are always there for me.

@freemo @binsrc Very nice screenshot. I saw some posts this weekend by a userr in another forum, different versions of Linux.

One was ElementalOS, which I hadn't heard about.

I had a smile on seeing the systems specs and stats on the bottom corner. No wonder you like it, lol. 😜

My main system, where all my talking and imagery comes from, is a HP Elitebook 8560p, with an i7 processor like yours.

The smoothness of a quad core, 8 threads processor is wonderful. The machine takes my abusive 'one more tab' without complaints.

Running Windows 10, which I enjoy, have used it since before release, was part of Windows Insiders program.

I have vaious other machines around and should put a serious effort into using Linux in one of them. But being satisfied and productive in one platform reduces the urge to jump into new waters, at least for me, who would feel like a fish off the water.

Nice screenshot and glad you are happy on a desktop. I have one here closeby with a dual monitor setup, mostly off, would make a power user masto station. πŸ˜‰

@freemo @design_RG once you’ve gone Gnu you can’t go back either. :)

@design_RG I run multiple virtual machines simultaneously so having a reasonable laptop with 16gb ram helps.

Windows isn’t horrible in my opinion, but i only use it when I can’t use free software for the same task (back to visual studio).



For me thats where i use mac. I would never touch windows if i can help it. Its awful!


I remember seeing a post you made, describing the two laptops you use mostly. A MBP and a Thinkpad, both running Linux, isn't it?

Do you still have the Mac OS as a dual boot? I like that it is a Unix variant, but Apple's eye candy doesn't appeal to me much.

Have used many variations of OS over the years, personally I like the Server versions of Windows, used solely as Workstations. Many of the server services disabled as not needed, I like Server 2003 particularly well.

Sad that they dropped support for it, as it was stable and efficient.

I do have an HP Workstation vintage system, dual Xeon processors, circa 2005 and now running HTPC duties, with Win XP (don't laugh, please).

It works, but the o.s. is now deprecated, and opening a browser window takes an agonizing amount of time, which it didn't in the past. 32 bit OS version, as it has only 2 GB of ram, parity enabled, not so common mem to find.

It could be a nice Winter project, to get it revamped into HTPC role but with a newer and lighter o.s.

I have accumulated a variety of vintage hardware over time, either mine or donated to me or my school from the local computer recycling program.


16 GB of ram must be nice if your use requires it. My laptop has 8 GB, which is the largest amount here in the house. Have a desktop with the same as well.

I have just managed to get over 7 GB in use with the laptop, due to the myriad tabs open for readign and research on the fediverse.

Waterfox running with 3 GB allocated was a sight. And it works fine too.

Fondly remember a freshly installed NT 4 Workstation, sitting idle at a desktop, no added software loaded (antivirus, etc). Took and saved a snapshot for posterity, it used 18 MB of RAM at that moment.

One of my favourite op systems.


I have three laptops I actively use (more that I dont)..

1) MBP running only OSX
2) MBP running only linux
3) Microsoft surface book 4 (pro?) running only linux


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