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@myrrlyn the real power move would be to contribute code to gcc that subtly relies on one of these adversarial behaviors which is likely to be "fixed" in an upcoming version of the language standard, so that after updating the behavior, it's suddenly not possible to build a reliable version of gcc in gcc.

Extra points if it creates extremely subtle bugs that are hard to track down.

@freemo @tripu @bonifartius Would be interesting to see what stopping factory farming would do.
So hear me out: Stop factory farming(i.e. where animals are crammed in confined spaces), rededicate the lands farmed for animal food for those to produce human food. Leave the grazing grounds and animals there untouched and see if the meat output from those is needed.

I think we should really differentiate grazing and factory farmed animals. Both for climate (factory farming can be scaled a lot) and from an animal cruelty (obvious, yes?) perspective.

Edit: And if something can be scaled for profit, it will be in current societies.

Elusive glass octopus spotted in the remote Pacific Ocean. Only its eyes, optic nerve and digestive tract are opaque. This rarely-seen glass octopus bared all recently — even a view of its innards — when an underwater robot filmed it gracefully soaring through the deep waters of the Central Pacific Ocean. Image credit: Schmidt Ocean Institute

Oh, awesome, spammers bringing back the bang paths.

From: Congratulations!Youcangeta$50BurgerKinggiftcard!

@yangwenli @icedquinn @Julia You are right that it's too abstracted for a child to understand, but still it's too adults to do what they should do, the issue is that if most adults just go full asch experiment then all the childrens of the group becomes alienated which is often the case since the adults are already alienated.
@yangwenli @icedquinn @Julia
"dad all my friends have a smartphone I also want a smartphone"
"dad all my friends are being groomed on discord I also want to be groomed"
What is the worst path ?


The elite think they have a lot of power in "law enforcement", but when law enforcement is faced with "all the people", they often just switch side, since they are also "just people".

Example; In Illinois there were just a gun control bill signed into law. Majority of the Sheriffs in the State just went; "We ain't gonna enforce that", because I think they know that there will be violent resistance to it, by potentially million people.


3. Laws & Regulation; Even if I don't interact with any other people, far out in the woods, all the laws and regulation still applies to me. Building codes, sewage systems, licenses for growing food, and so on.

I don't know what it takes for people to wake up. But I think it is only a matter of time. And the events in Eastern Europe in late 1980s, leading up to German reunification and the fall of USSR.

Yes. The "social contract" doesn't need our approval/signature, because there is no way to "exit".

1. Passports; We "belong" to a country, and not allowed to reside in any other place than that country's geographic monopoly.

2. Taxes; Even if one is totally self sufficient in food and shelter, one has to pay property taxes. That means one need to interact with the rest of society, hence not self-sufficient.

Aus den Kommentaren:

„Die Ganze Welt reist mit Privatjets nach Zürich, fliegt mit Helikoptern nach Davos um da zu sagen: Der Klimawandel ist unser grösstes Problem. 🤷‍♂️🤡“

#wef #klimaschutz #lauterbach #doppelmoral #politik

"Es kann nicht sein, dass im öffentlich-rechtlichen Rundfunk Leitungspositionen zu Bedingungen besetzt werden, die dem Beitragszahler, der Beitragszahlerin nicht vermittelbar sind."
Medienrechtler Dieter Dörr im Medienmagazin von radioeins

What library or framework do you consider a "hidden gem"? That is, it's underappreciated compared to how valuable it is.

For less popular languages, popular packages for that language are welcome if they're a potential "killer app" for the language, that could attract people to use the language.

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