That's a good question... If I look toward what I want it's impossible haha

I'm searching for a new phone because mine is loosing signal but I always think something like oh, that's too much for a smartphone or what a terrible society that consumes too much or sad capitalist world... I can't simply buy something too simple/cheap because it won't work well in a year or two but I don't want to spend around R$900 in a smartphone to buy a reasonable one...

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The traditional separation of mind and body is dissolved by Intensive Short-Term Dynamic Psychotherapy, with Dr. Allan Abbass departing from traditional western medicine.

> it challenges the way society – and the medical system – have traditionally separated physical symptoms from mental illness and emotions, dividing what the body feels from what the mind thinks.


Oooooh, partial vacations finally! Although I am going to study and work on some projects, thats good, I was needing some stop...

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Great post on internet control by the behemoths 

Reading things like this makes me desperately want to get rid of all the services from those giants... I'm being fulfilled with repugnance to them and their politics...

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The more I run away from google, more I am requested to use it, oush...

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Today they told me something that is mindblowing:
The probability of choosing two random numbers m, n that gcd(m,n)=1 is equal to 6/π^2

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Math is making me become too skeptical

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