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just the other day i remembered we couldn't upload audio here and wished we could, cuz sharing music's fun. glad it's finally comin!

Then again, has a shitty interface for screen reader access. Sorry Manton, but it's true.

I need to be more active up here; It's always the battle for posting between here and, though, when I'm not on my own site. I only post directly on the if it's a mention to somebody.

Just to let @jdormit know, I think the latest version of Pterotype is giving the opposite issue from what I had before; people can now follow, however, there are no posts there according to Mastodon. I can't get back into Pleroma to check there, so not sure whether this is a Mastodon isolated issue.

like, seriously, packaging Pleroma and then enabling MRF on a whitelist basis is a complete deviation from the default experience and it is not acceptable to refer to such a packaging as Pleroma. so, please do not do this, even if you believe it is necessary.

that decision needs to be made by the Pleroma development community as a whole: if you want the defaults changed, including to a whitelist basis, please open a bug and we can discuss it. but don't just change it in your packaging.

we want to make sure that the default experience is consistent across all platforms where Pleroma is made available.
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Has anyone from the gotten OwnYourSwarm to show the number of coins on a configured site? I get all of my webmentions except for those. I'm still trying to figure that one out. Thanks.

Happy Wednesday, everyone. seemingly some of my comments up here ended up back on the ; I don't have this linked to anything up there, so, not sure how. Other than work, have to wait till I get home to finish up testing; my workplace has all of a sudden started blocking the community CPanel server for our group. Not sure whyl.

A PhD is a certification that you have gained the knowledge and skill set needed to be successful in one of many sets of career options. It is not a status symbol. It does not make you better than anyone else.

okay, going to do a stream in a bit. i guess. idk. it's going to involve D-BUS, so that should be "fun"

after all, with all of the decentralization, how is each server going to find that email address? They won't. Why more companies need to start hosting their communities up here; still see benefits for , , and other tech companies. even in there, too. Not entirely sure why, but it's there. If that were the case, I'd not be locked of my Dell community account right now.

Yet another thing that makes Mastodon superior to Twitter; I have three Twitter accounts. Each account requires a separate email address, and one of them is stuck on my Gmail account, which I check the least, not at all, actually. With , I can simply use the same email address for all of my accounts.

Just a quick question for either @freemo or @ardeteco. I think this instance needs to be upgraded ... perhaps? I see that the latest version is 2.8.0 ... Am I looking at the wrong thing?

Pact Commander: hey everyone let's fuck up this tree


It is true that there are pure and beautiful things on this planet, but those that are dark and repulsive far outnumber them.

Whoops. Remember when I mentioned changing my Mastodon endpoint for blog content? Yeah, I did. Try to follow if interested. I post lots of random stuff up there.

Yeah, I know. My Fediverse presence is currently broken. Think I’ll try instead. After that, my new blog account on the Fediverse will be … unless I feel like customizing it, which I just might; maybe on a whim.

I probably need to fix this, but for those of you who aren't following my blog, it's If you guys want me to discuss any topics of interest up there, just hit me up. I talk about everything from tech to nature to music.

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