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What happens when you mandate masks at a conference now that most people no longer wear them but medically vulnerable people are still at risk because #CovidIsNotOver? In the case of #PyConUS, the conference sells out.

Why a masking policy? “Many of us and our fellow community members can’t attend without health and safety guidelines in place. We want PyCon US to be an event that everyone feels safe attending,” organizers explained.

Well done @pycon

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It is Caturday! :blobcatrainbow:

Don't forget to share your cat(s) with us (if you want) using the [hashtag]Caturday to ensure all the Fediverse can benefit from their incredible cat-beauty :ageblobcat:

#Mastodon #Fediverse

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Nothing says innocence like having Lauren Boebert and Matt Gaetz show up to your criminal trial in solidarity.

When Yu'lon says "In thousands of years we haven't seen one of your kind", and you're a Pandaren Monk...

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OH: "Every problem in my life can be directly traced back to a billionaire, and none of them can be traced back to a refugee."

Well that's... interesting. 😏
OpenAI’s Long-Term AI Risk Team Has Disbanded

"The entire OpenAI team focused on the existential dangers of AI has either resigned or been absorbed into other research groups, WIRED has confirmed."

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Fake studies have flooded publishers of top #scientific #journals leading to thousands of #retractions, M of $ in lost revenue. Biggest hit has come to #Wiley 217-year-old #publisher based in Hoboken NJ which announced it is closing 19 journals, some of which were infected by large-scale research #fraud. Wiley has reportedly had to retract more than 11,300 papers recently “that appeared compromised” as #generativeAI makes it easier for paper mills to peddle fake research.

Israel; Palestine; History 

Everything old is new again?

How Israel Was Created | AJ+

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I threw all my nsfw OC stuff in a gallery so it's more convenient for y'all 😉

One catch—if you click the link, then you're socially obligated to reply here with the most adorable picture you can find :blobcatpuffyblush:

To ensure plausible deniability for others, please post cute pics even if you didn't click the link :neocat_boop_happy:

#NSFW #OC #Socks #Enby

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"Nothing is more precious than being in the present moment, fully alive and fully aware" - Thich Nhat Hanh

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@jalefkowit Hoo boy they buried the lede at the end of the article:

“Ad Age says the ad was created in-house by Apple, rather than by an outside agency.”

Don Draper, lighting a cigarette and taking a drag in his Eames chair:

“They fucked around, and now they’re finding out: If the question is ‘how hard can it be’ the answer is always going to be ‘harder than you think’.”

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Today I learned that if your server suspends another server then you just silently unfollow everyone on it and receive no other notification aside from eventually wondering why everything is so quiet now.

Cool, great, love it.

I feel like it would be very consistent if the next thing after and The and and , turned out to be .

I don't know if it will actually attract and support tons of scams and media bros and think pieces, but if it did it would feel right somehow.

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Top media company CEO pay in 2023:

Disney: $31.6M
Warner Bros: $49.7M
Netflix: $49.8M & $40.1M
Comcast: $35.5M
Paramount: $31.3M

Remember when execs claimed they couldn't afford to pay writers and actors more during the WGA/SAG-AFTRA strike?

That was pure fiction.

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If you are the tech-savvy person within your family or friends group :blobcatcool: :

Never ever shame someone for coming to you for advice after being the victim of a scam, malware, or for using an unsecured product.

If you do this,
they might never come back to you later. They might just feel so ashamed they will just stay alone with their tech problems.

Instead, always tell them:

1. It was a good idea to come to you with this. Be empathetic with them 💚

2. Give them advice on how to minimize the damage now. Actionable advice 🚑

3. Help them harden their security for now and for the future. Recommend better products to them. But be careful not to overwhelm them with advice. One step at the time 🔒

4. Talk to them with respect and empathy. Tell them how the people who abused their trust are horrible and anyone can fall for the right scam. Remind them there are things to do to reduce the risks of being victimized again in the future, and help them slowly implementing these 💪

5. Be thankful they trusted you with this. It means they think highly of you 🥰

#Security #Privacy

CEO of company literally named for the Dark Lord's surveillance device, would rather people didn't think too hard about things like that.

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Looks like the same attack that took down the British Library for so long also targeted the Library of Congress, but good multifactor auth and fast action from their IT and security staff protected them.

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