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"Cancel culture" and "free speech on campus" are "issues" white elites at the NYT and elsewhere care about while book banning and anti-LGBT+ legislation are not because those white elites fully support censorship and forced indoctrination as long as it reinforces the white male supremacy they built their power and wealth on.

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Colleagues, an important resource to help us do our work. Please share widely.

Drag Story Hour Support

"This workbook was created by front line library workers to support our colleagues as they stand up for their communities. As staff work through the guide, they will complete a safety plan for their program and work together as a team to help keep the event as safe as possible."

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Morning Mastodon! Hope you're keeping well.

In today's piece for #OnlySky, I again reflect on our responses to AI: this time, to explore the impoverished understanding of evolutionary processes that our knee-jerk reactions represent.

(Luckily, we can reclaim human agency by remembering history's true mess!) ⬇️


(Come for the AI! Stay for the digs at evo-psychology!)

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Volunteering lowers stress hormones in older adults with functional limitations and pain, new study shows.

#Volunteer #Aging #Pain #NICHDImpact

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RT @TechBurritoUno
Mesh drains in Australia prevent water bodies pollution...Should be a worldwide standard.

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My children's book project on womxn pioneers is full of surprises and delights.

While researching #GraceHopper, I discovered that the term #debugging refers to something that happened to her, while working on a computer in 1947.
Check out her #Wikipedia page -> Anecdotes

P.S.: You can see the OG bug (a moth) at the Smithsonian in DC!


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Happy Birthday Alan Alda.
January 28, 1936

Here's a hooch toast to you!


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“It was a grand experiment that flew in the face of Wall Street’s belief that the best workforces are ones that are brutally deprived and pitilessly culled.”

Alphabet’s Layoffs Aren’t Very Googley | WIRED

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ChattJazz 🇺🇦 ☮️ 🌻
Replying to
Your words are garbage thrown out to the trash heap that is your ignorant base shell shocked by propaganda. You are a Christofascist, Insurrectionist and there is no reason for anyone to believe your obvious self-serving and constant lies.

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"ESQ: How can we get the black people to cool it?

"JAMES BALDWIN: It is not for us to cool it.

"ESQ: But aren't you the ones who are getting hurt the most?

"JAMES BALDWIN: No, we are only the ones who are dying fastest."

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Trying to think of a good overarching theme for the next season of the anarchist podcast we put out. In previous years we've done reacting to the news, historical revolutions and revolutionary groups, left wing theorists and pop culture but I have no idea what went over best with our tiny audience. What would you guys want to hear anarchists talk about?

#anarchism #socialism #podcast #revolution

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On this day in 2011 we, Telecomix, managed to circumvent the complete internet shutdown of Egypt by using ham radio. We received messages like this and relayed them to the internet. This was part of our digital support to what came to be known as “the Arab spring”.

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police killing, fundraiser for family 

This weekend as we grieve and rage over #TyreNichols, please also consider a donation to the family of #ArifSayed, a young man who was senselessly gunned down by police in #CambridgeMA just a few weeks ago. #JusticeForFaisal

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Also this really weird thing happens whenever people are protesting police violence, and also when that Nazi got punched. I suddenly hear from a bunch of non-pacifists about how wrong violence is.

You don't believe that violence is always wrong. You just don't. So maybe sit with why you think violence from protestors (real or hypothetical) is wrong enough to warrant comment when you have nothing to say about state violence?

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#TyreNichols was my brother’s age. He was an aspiring photographer who loved to skateboard and worked with his stepdad at FedEx. I want to boost this call from Black Twitter to remember his life; a life that mattered:

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