How are there, for instance, numerous things claiming to be original Van Goghs, with Certificates of Authenticity and all, on eBay for like $50,000? Is it just fraud (that eBay allows for some reason), or is there something more complicated going on?

Mia completely exhausted after a busy spent doing nothing whatever.

reddit user names are like parodies of reddit user names.

Whinging about computer stuff. 

I'm glad it has a "go away for a month" action, but still... this fact is supposed to mean what to me, exactly? Do I care?

Bing being annoying 

Gee thanks, ! Super helpful! (It popped up in this morning, totally unprompted.)

Silly AI headline 

It took me a minute to realize that this headline is awful / delightful, not just for the post hoc / propter hoc going on, but because an obvious reading is that the limits were not just to keep it from saying silly stuff, but to keep it from actually STEALING NUCLEAR SECRETS. 😁

For , Mia offers a cheerful "get that thing out of my face or so help me...".

And done! Dense streaks and cracks in it, but it's soft and sweet, and I'm pleased.

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