US POL, brainworms 

Well that's good to know!

My favorite thing today is the version of Revelation in the EasyEnglish Bible. :)

Claude.AI is really, really certain that peanuts aren't made of wood!

Somehow I've never thought of as before.

It is, I guess, of course. Roast pizza anyone?

I really try to avoid hating people, but Eric Schmidt makes it tough....

How are there, for instance, numerous things claiming to be original Van Goghs, with Certificates of Authenticity and all, on eBay for like $50,000? Is it just fraud (that eBay allows for some reason), or is there something more complicated going on?

Mia completely exhausted after a busy spent doing nothing whatever.

reddit user names are like parodies of reddit user names.

Whinging about computer stuff. 

I'm glad it has a "go away for a month" action, but still... this fact is supposed to mean what to me, exactly? Do I care?

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