Turns out that my novel needs a reasonably accurate timeline of pregnancy and labor. The research I'm doing is going to get me like ads for diapers for the next three years, isn't it?

Day 20: 40009 words. Intentionally stopped at just over 2k/day again, still with lots of ideas brewing. (Apparently the Queen is pregnant!)

Day 19: Word Count 38,505

I don't think I'll write anymore today, just because I'm very much On Track, and it's nice to let the ideas that I got most recently to marinate for a bit.

I think I have a nice ending in mind! That will fit within 50K and 11/25ish well, if all goes smoothly.

I did in fact get to just over 36k!

And I have some ideas about an ending. Rather vague ones so far :

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Day 18: 35,002 words so far.

I'd like to do at least another 1000 today, but we'll see. Chugging along nicely really! I should really think about an ending haha.

Day 15: 30,038 words

And yes, I stopped at the 2k/day mark so as to leave something in the idea-pool to marinate until tomorrow. :)

I should probably start to think about some sort of ending, eh? Hm.

Got a little time after dinner, and had plenty of ideas. :)

End of day 14: 28,080, nice and on track. A fun realignment of reality in that last bit!

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26,522 words as of last night! Past halfway. :)

But then a team dinner tonight, so 0 more today (so far).

day 6, word count 11,020.

I was completely out of action on Saturday with a 24 hour stomach bug or something, and have only made up half the lost quota, but otherwise I'm keeping up the 2k/day goal nicely.

And the story rather has my interest, too! I wonder what will happen. 😁

Links here: ceoln.wordpress.com/2023/11/01

Woot woot! ceoln.wordpress.com/2022/11/26

I weblogged! Basically about all the stuff that happened while I was weblogging just the stuffs...

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