Woot woot! ceoln.wordpress.com/2022/11/26

I weblogged! Basically about all the stuff that happened while I was weblogging just the stuffs...

over 40K; weekend goal acheived!

I will point to the start of the book instead of the last few chapters, for a change: ceoln.wordpress.com/about/vari

Four (short) flings done, count: 33834
I'd like to do another 5k today! We'll see. :)

ceoln.wordpress.com/2022/11/19 and the three after it.

Pheh, I'm tired and uninspired tonight. Which shouldn't matter, but pheh!

Can I just resolve to write about 9,000 words over the weekend?

Took a break from yesterday, and did just one Fling, a bit over 1000 words, today. But no problem! :)


Taking a break from today (unless inspiration hits really hard!), And I have to admit it's relaxing. :) Will write all the more the next three days!

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