@ceoln Damn, they're all great wallpaper material. If I had to choose, it might be the 3rd pic because it's so nicely whimsically surreal.

@trinsec Woot, thanks! I've popped them all into a folder and told Windows to randomly change every like 10 minutes. Not that I see my desktop background very often!

(And must note that one cannot chose an arbitrary time between rotations; the choices are 1 / 10 / 30 minutes, 1 / 6 / 24 hours, and THAT'S IT. Although likely there's some registry hack to set other values.)

@ceoln Personally I would still leave out the pictures with humanoids visible.. those arms and hands are still creepy. 😅

@ceoln i love the onion dome supported by sand tentacles. Thanks for offering these up. My phone has a new lockscreen!

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