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It is very kind of the discord-bot to be down right now, since I need to be writing 2,000 words for :)

Just one Fling of tonight, but it's 2000 words! Total: 17,661

NaNoWriMo, Fling Thirteen

Here is some Delicious Soup as I work on the second 1000 words for the day!

Okay, I'm back. :) A bit over 1K words, so a brief break before diving in again.

Alissa begins her journey! 14,600+ words total

Okay NO MORE MASTODON until the day's word count is >1K. Discipline!!

Zero words so far today (I DEFINITELY blame !), but I should be able to crank out a quick 2K after dinner.

Right? :)

An :
Bachelor's degree in from Princeton, 1981, which makes me ?good at ?discussion?.

(for the US) , in that I think power should be more fairly distributed than it is now,.

Master's in from Pace, 1985ish; professional for like 40 years, mostly for and now for (all opinions strictly my own, of course, not theirs!), mostly on the side. and anything else really, they're just languages. :)

Greatly enjoy , and I've done a number of novels (working on the dozenth in 2022). Have also greatly enjoyed playing with .

I have no visual skills, but lately I've been producing thousands of images using and a few with other text-to-image tools. The future is wild!

Okay, I will now stop procrastinating by setting up my tent, and get back to , where I need to write order 1000 words.

Probably Steve sitting in Kristen's , thinking about how hard it sometimes is to communicate, especially to someone you care about.

Just to mention: I'm combining and this year, in that each Fling (okay, chapter) of the book this year is headed by an image I made in MJ, and the words are (to a greater or lesser extent) inspired by or reflective of the image.

Some of the images are more or less random (with a prompt like "illustration for chapter nine"), others are more specifically created.

Yay crossovers. :)

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