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Trying to reach people and people on Mastodon

Just finished " for Humans", a readable and fun application of behavioural science to problems.

Highly recommended to anyone interested or involved in . Nudges, counterintuitive ideas that work and more!

*Bus routes on the side of buses*
*Information and reassurance for delays*
*Doors that close when advertised (or later) not 2 mins before posted departure time*

Full disclosure
@rorysutherland is an old friend 🙂

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>"Nudges, counterintuitive ideas that work and more!"

How about, "Stay home and use video conference instead."


Yes, considering the whole envelope of what the travel is for and doing things differently is one of their points

I have no idea what is this but sounds interesting. Where can I find more info?

@cmclase @rorysutherland @Transport_EU how do we keep out niggers?

that is the single biggest problem with mass transit.
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