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I am starting my thesis research. I am looking for community health centers in a variety of locations, and looking for their websites/FB pages. I am investigating the rhetorics used surrounding trans care, trans bodies, and trans experiences within those community health centers. I am looking at their methods of community engagement with the trans community.

If you are trans (or an ally) who knows about or engages with a community health center in your area, could you please reply here or DM me? I want to cast a wide net for my research, but want to do so by starting with actual trans people in those communities.



The funny thing is, we can stop playing Russian roulette at any point in time.

Mask, demand clean air for safe learning and working environments, etc.


To survive
in this imperfect world
we are all of us forced
to make compromises
we wish it was otherwise
alas, it is how it is
and in the moment
even the best option
is rarely good enough
but it is one thing to try
and still have to compromise
and quite another
to just stop trying.


A recent opinion piece speculated that COVID-19 deaths are over-counted.

Our new article explains why this piece is flawed.

COVID-19 deaths are not overcounted; most evidence indicates they are undercounted.

Thread 1/6


End of a 12 hour day of clinic, including #MentalHealth care for patients who can’t afford private therapy. Then home visits on a snowy night to give immunocompromised patients a booster of bivalent vaccine (#CovidIsNotOver). Family medicine is about relationships. Goodnight.


"What we are seeing now is parents, students, even teachers fighting for better air quality being treated as if they were anti-science."

"There just doesn’t seem to be a realization that learning is difficult if everyone keeps getting sick all the time." ~ @amandalhu

Student absences rise again as parents continue to call for HEPA filters in schools

#SchoolsAreSuperspreaders #Covid #Covid19 #LongCovid #LongCovidKids #CovidIsAirborne #Education @novid

Any strategy that locks higher risk people out of society indefinitely is unethical. The only way we can protect the "vulnerable" from this deadly pandemic is with collective action. We all need to do our part to reduce virus transmission and make public spaces accessible to all.

#COVID #PublicHealth

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I'm new to Mastodon and looking for #microbiologists to follow. #microbiology #science

I just migrated to this server, still figuring it all out!

Since this has been my new social media home for a few weeks - figured I should pin an #Introduction post! I’m a former freelance theatre critic. Now #Disabled & interested in #LongCovid, #PostViralIllness, #mecfs , #POTS, #MCAS & more. Love #Theatre, #Britpop, #Sondheim, #Reading, #Writing and #Cows. Passionate about #DisabilityRights, #SocialJustice & more. #Toronto based but dreams of #Scotland.

@michael @ProjectN95 @trendless @cmclase another vote for the vitacore N99. It’s a nice snug fit without being too small so things pop out. They’re my go to for most high risk situations.

The next project I’m going to start after trying to systemize the mutual aid network (without functioning like charities)

is a #COVIDsafe citizens coalition.

We may be the only ones masking in some areas, in others it’s half the population. We don’t need to wait for the government to change what we can.



we’ve reached the point where we can unite & elevate.

Reply if you want to be part of this.

My New Year's resolution will be to try and be more active over here too. Just not enough time some days.

Dear #Lazyweb --

Does anyone know of trustworthy #N99 (or equivalent, and not #N95) #respirators that are on the larger size?

I have tried and like them, but they are too short vertically and my chin wants to pop out when I speak.

#COVID #COVID19 #WearAMask #CovidIsStillHere

A quick PSA:

Thanks to all the engineers, nurses, MDs, PhDs, etc who've taken so much time out of their lives to translate critically important information into common language for their fellow humans.

It's been a bright, shining light that's guiding us safely through.

An ABSOLUTELY HEARTBREAKING message from a teacher in Duval County, Florida who is being forced to make her classroom library inaccessible as a result of's policies


Jill Filipovic looks at a lawsuit filed in Texas by anti-abortion activists to prevent women from accessing mifepristone, and she concludes,

The "norm of just straight-up lying is pretty baked into the anti-abortion movement."

And why so? "Because it shows that they know they can’t win on the merits." They know that if they tell the truth, they'll lose.

#abortion #misogyny #Texas

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