You’ll probably have seen the shocking North Atlantic sea surface temperature anomaly plot that published a few days ago, showing the unprecedented warming 📈

To show that this isn’t just a regional phenomenon, here’s a plot of the worldwide average daily sea surface temperature for the first half of each year from 1981–2023 🌡️

Look at the clear space between 2023 & any previous years 🔎

Good grief 😬



This one is for my Black and brown readers. Fellow white folks, please sit this one out, but feel free to boost for a bigger sample size.

When you see "Our organization has a commitment to diversity and inclusion" in a set of non-profit corporate policies, what is your first thought?

NPR and CBC have suspended the use of their Twitter accounts. Finally.

Give us a boost eh? Pass this on for people to encourage CBC and NPR to get using Mastodon:

Everyone can email

Go here to msg NPR managment :


Hi folks,

Sorry for being away for so long. It's been a really rough month.

But, here's a thread from yesterday about #ExcessMortality during #COVID19 in #Canada .

The #Canadian #COVIDForecast will be posted shortly on Twitter (it's already live on our website).

Excess mortality thread with links to our Excess Mortality Tracker and weekly Canadian COVID report:

RT @MoriartyLab
My colleagues, the emperor has no clothes.

Nearly 30% excess mortality in Canada's fastest reporting provinces as of Dec 31/22

Dec 25/22: Germany 47%, France 31%, UK 25%

It almost doesn't matter anymore what you think is the cause...please speak, please act.

Pennsylvania released a new website with information for patients seeking abortion care. Notably it reaffirms that "out-of-state patients seeking abortion care in PA can do so without fear of being arrested or detained at the request of another state."

I’m looking for an experienced #SoundDesign peep to create a soundtrack for a Film I made for the #IWM Imperial War Museum Duxford. The film was projected onto a huge aircraft hanger, and told the story of the formation of the parachute regiment, & its part in the opening hours of DDay.
It's being rehoused inside the main exhibition, and needs a narrated soundtrack, as well as SFX to accompany the action.


Here's the Film:

#History #SoundDesign #Comissions

This, this, this. EVERY pregnancy is a risk to that person’s life, and no one should be forced to disclose the most personal of personal information in order to try and convince the state that they should be allowed to have full legal autonomy over their bodies. Abortion choice is the pro-life position and we nee to take that term back from the forced-birth activists / religious extremists.

@TonyStark @gwaldby


These hashtags are one of the many ways in which Indigenous peoples have been raising awareness about the epidemic of extreme violence against their women and girls.
Please help us spread awareness
#Anonymous #IndigenousRights

#BlackHistoryMonth #ubuntu

The invention of the ink pen we use today was invented to eliminate the need for an ink bottle by storing ink within a reservoir inside the pen which is fed to the pen’s tip

That pen was invented 183 yrs ago by
𝐖𝐢𝐥𝐥𝐢𝐚𝐦 𝐏𝐮𝐫𝐯𝐢𝐬

A complete Rainbow... photo was taken at around 30k ft above the Earth. On the ground, we usually only see the arc half of the circle.
Credit Photo: Lloyd J Ferraro
More details/photos:

How many people use Mastodon as their only social media site. If not, what other sites do you use?

#Mastodon #Twitter #birdsite #spoutible #post #facebook #tumblr #imgur #instagram

Leonard Cohen looming large over central #Montreal. Johnny Cash looking over central #Sacramento (not far down the road from Folsom Prison). Some folks don’t like these, but I do, for their role in place-making and urban story-telling.

Plus they address a really big, boring blank wall.

#murals #urbanism #cities #PlaceMaking #art #PublicArt #LeonardCohen #JohnnyCash

results from the world's largest 4-day workweek trial are in: 91% of companies involved will continue with the model. Orgs that are focused on butts in seats and hours clocked, rather than being output-driven, will increasingly find themselves struggling for people and being left behind by competitors.

Some helpful info for people who are newer to Mastodon:
That said, if you're brand new, it really helps to have an actual person talk with you to get you started. I'm always happy to be that person! Just @ me, and we can set aside some time for a call/chat on Discord or a similar service. It is not an imposition; it is why I set this place up. I want people to have the best experience for themselves and what they want to get out of being here. :HeartPride:

I'm going to hashtag posts I make about moderation as the admin with #KindSocialMod
That should enable better discovery for them long-term. I want to be pretty clear about how I'm approaching things.

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