➡️1 in 46 Canadians has COVID this week (h/t @MoriartyLab)

➡️At any time, a proportion of people with COVID will be asymptomatic, pre-symptomatic, or have mild symptoms that they've attributed to something else

➡️ - the best mask is an N95


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Trying to reach people and people on Mastodon

Just finished " for Humans", a readable and fun application of behavioural science to problems.

Highly recommended to anyone interested or involved in . Nudges, counterintuitive ideas that work and more!

*Bus routes on the side of buses*
*Information and reassurance for delays*
*Doors that close when advertised (or later) not 2 mins before posted departure time*

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Well, people following me here know what is going on.


Deaths per million in Canada:
2020: 409
2021: 379
2022: 492

Canada has a population of about 38 million, so this translates into 18,700 deaths from Covid in Canada in 2022.

For 2023, as far as we know for now, suggests a similar death rate this year.

IHME predicts that 80% mask use in public spaces (ie, a mask mandate) would reduce deaths by two-thirds within 2 months. That's 12,500 preventable deaths in Canada, over the course of a year. Much more in larger countries or countries with higher current death rates.


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