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@bonifartius On the other hand, large institutions like EMA (in Europe) aren't just going to approve something out of the blue. Of course they've checked and rechecked before they'll approve anything.

We, the people not in the medical field, have to trust those large bodies to do the research for us. Chances are more than likely that the medicine is less deadly than the actual virus itself.

Can something go wrong with this and end up harming us? Absolutely. It could.

The difference is, the virus will certainly try and is already here to do just that.

Going to *try* to maintain a list of dead Fediverse instances here:

There are a ton of them. If you know of a few batch them up in a message to me and I'll add them. If you have the approximate date they died supply that too. If not, I'll try to find the date. :rip:
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