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“What Keir Starmer offered was Corbynism with competence, that was the basis of his leadership bid,” he says. “What he delivered was Blairism without charisma.”

"Similarly, reproductive aging and women’s health are finally on the scene: several initiatives have recognized not only that reproductive cessation is the earliest aging phenotype, but also that menopause itself (which is about 15 years later than reproductive aging, so not interchangeable) can cause aging, and that mid-life health may ultimately determine future longevity. This, plus the acknowledgment that female animals are important to study in all aspects of biology, may lead to the end of ignoring 50% of the aging population’s needs."

Today's #neuroscience news includes the release of the first fully-reconstructed #connectome for the ventral nerve cord (VNC) of the adult #drosophila. This data set, known as the "MANC", is the result of collaboration between the FlyEM team at #HHMIJanelia and teams from the University of #Cambridge and #Google Research. (1/5)

🔬 Discover how to turn your scientific discoveries into real-world products and services that benefit society!

📍 HT's Centre for Innovation and Technology Transfer is organising a one-day training course on #techtransfer and #ThirdMission in the #lifesciences.

🧐 In partnership with Netval and IUSS Pavia.

Register by 28th June 👉

#humantechnopole #science #sciencemastodon

"In this article – which builds on a preprint we posted in March 2022 (Corneille et al., 2022) – we describe a range of persuasive communication devices that can be used to exaggerate the importance of and/or hide the weaknesses of scientific work, and urge authors to exercise caution when thinking about using such devices"

Antidepressant from engineered fungus. Transferring the #biosynthetic pathway of the #antidepressant orcinol glucoside from #Curculigo orchioides into #Yarrowia lipolytica results in yields >6400x higher than from its natural plant source #PLOSBiology

Sorry I disturbed you, dude. I figured if you could sit in a crowded Starbucks using your speaker phone you wouldn’t mind if I cranked up my bagpipes.

Interesting addition to the toolbox, if you're working on :

"We generated a constitutive Cre line controlled by the microglia signature gene Crybb1 that produced nearly complete recombination in embryonic brain macrophages (microglia and border-associated macrophages [BAMs]) by the perinatal period, with limited recombination in peripheral myeloid cells."

Be there or be square (if you're Lisbon):

Exposição "Oubliette", inaugura 6ª feira dia 16 Junho às 18h30 na Biblioteca Camões em Lisboa. Pieces by Ana Jotta, Constança Arouca, Jorge Nesbitt & Madalena Parreira
Texts by H. Manfredsenjensen

Opening on Friday, June 16th at Biblioteca Camões, Lisbon (Largo Calhariz 17), 18h30.

"We have established a -induced accelerated disease progression mouse model, which involves infecting mice deficient in the myeloid differentiation primary response 88 gene (Myd88-/-) with H. felis. Using this model, we report here that that progression of H. felis-induced inflammation to high-grade dysplasia was associated with activation of type I interferon (IFN-I) signaling pathway and upregulation of related downstream target genes, IFN-stimulated genes (ISGs)."

"Typing and retyping as if you know where you're going is a version of what therapists tell you to do when they suggest that you try changing from the outside in - that if you can't master the total commitment to whatever change you want to make, you can at least do all the extraneous things connected with it, which make it that much easier to get there."
- Nora Ephron.

MPI postdoc survey:

"Approximately 27% of all postdocs are parents, and almost 40% of German postdocs are parents. We observe that female postdocs with caring responsibilities stand out from other subgroup analyses. We find that mothers are most unhappy, depressed, anxious, stressed by care work and their work as postdocs. They report more personal conflicts (e.g., with their partner) and are most socially isolated."

Tips on how to write an article title, courtesy of Public Library of Science (PLOS ). The second "don't" is a plea to resist temptation.

Heed it.

"Françoise Gilot, an accomplished painter whose art was eclipsed by her long and stormy romantic relationship with a much older Pablo Picasso, and who alone among his many mistresses walked out on him, died on Tuesday at a hospital in Manhattan. She was 101."
(photo credit Robert Capa/International Center of Photography/Magnum Photos)

"Compared with other bacteria, , a facultative anaerobe, has higher motility and accumulation in tumors and a special advantage in targeting tumor quiescence, possibly via the chemoreceptors of Salmonella"

SCOTUS rules agains Amgen, 9-0. An important decision because Amgen wanted to enforce a patent on any monoclonal against a particular target (the PCSK9 receptor), which would have set a terrible precedent.

"This case does not involve those antibody-specific patents. Instead, it involves much broader patents Amgen obtained, which cover every antibody that binds to the same sweet spot and works the same way, a class that includes potentially millions of antibodies."

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