Population Growth trends in an easy to assimilate form. Watch the huge growths in Africa, Asia. Birth control is needed, we can't keep going like that and keep the Planet and people in good shape.

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Awesome interactive graphic showing future population growth ... watch Africa population explode while the develop world remains constant #…

@design_RG I find the 10%+ decrease in Europe both interesting and worrying. While I agree with you on a resource front, we can't march over to Africa and tell them to sort it out - they're not going to look kindly on that.


@penguin42 Yes indeed - people don't take kindly to being told what to do.

There needs to be conscience building of the impact on the planet and everyone's life styles. Asia still has the largest population by far, and it seems to be predicted to grow a little more.

But Africa stands out for the huge population expansion.

@design_RG I was going to say it would be reasonable for Africa to expand a lot because their population density was low; but then I looked at Wikipedia's list and actually Rwanda is actually pretty densely packed; and Uganda and Nigeria are hardly sparse - surprising to me.

@penguin42 The Continent does have space, some of it is desert or almost desert in the Sahel and Sahara regions; but there's lots of land still.

The climate is benign, compared to very northern places. But the growth there will be hard on people, resources and much more.

The extremely divided geography, with so many small countries, sometimes different official languages, besides tribal ancestries, doesn't help create a strong local education campaign.

@design_RG I wonder if the predictions on African growth are in those areas that are already packed, or in those areas that are sparse?

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